Housetraining a slightly older puppy
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Thread: Housetraining a slightly older puppy

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    QuestionHousetraining a slightly older puppy

    I'm looking for some advice from those who've cracked the house training puzzle!

    We've taken on a 7 month old spayed female Lab from the local rescue centre - she was a cruelty case, and spent her first 6 months locked in a shed generally being neglected. Since we've had her, she's piled on weight and is generally transformed into a new dog - she's quicker on the uptake than any other dog I've ever owned, and had the basic "sit", "down" and return mastered within a couple of days with clicker training. She seems to have settled down with our other dog (spayed female cross about 7 years old).

    She's now at the stage where she will more-or-less pee on command - I take her out into the enclosed yard (it's a British yard, so it's stone rather than grass!) roughly every two hours and she's treated with a chunk of sausage when her bladder finally gets emptied. She's not allowed to play in the garden until the deed has been done, and the sausage is reserved for this treat.

    Although there doesn't seem to be any problem with her sphincter control - she'll quite happily last 8 hours overnight when she's crated - she still doesn't seem to have got the idea that peeing outside is good, peeing inside is bad. On the occasions when she's been caught in the act she's been corrected with a sharp "no" and a trip outside - but because she's being taken out regularly, the accidents don't happen that often. She's not returning to any particular spot, and the accidents get cleaned with an enzyme cleaner pretty much immediately.

    Does anyone have suggestions as to how we might get that message across? I work from home, so she's constantly by my side (literally - she's rarely more than a few feet away) and keeping an eye on her isn't too difficult. But I'm wondering if by getting her outside on a regular basis, she's *not* getting the idea that the house is out of bounds, because she never actually gets to go inside. Is the answer a few more wet patches on the carpet for a while?

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    Just continue what you are doing and have patience. Regular trips outside with praise for a job well done are what I would use for an 8 week old puppy. She never had that, from your description, so continue to work on it and give her some time. Keep her crated or tethered to you, if necessary, so she is not out of your sight.
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