Puppy nervous to be left alone in new house. HELP!
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Thread: Puppy nervous to be left alone in new house. HELP!

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    DefaultPuppy nervous to be left alone in new house. HELP!

    Hi everyone!
    So I just recently moved to a new house with my puppy and boyfriend. Our chocolate lab is about 7 and half months old. Before we all moved in together my boyfriend and I had different houses. Mousse (our lab) was perfectly fine at my boyfriends house in his crate when we couldn't be there or bring him where we were going. At my house he was never in a crate (besides when he was very young) because he was never left there alone because it was a condo and I was not suppose to have a dog but he was always fine when we would be there. Now since all three of us have moved in together Mousse hates being in his crate and cries and whines anytime we try to leave him in it for even a short period of time. He is even hesitant to go in it. I am not sure what to do. He has seemed to be adjusting well to the small house when we are there and he's hanging out but I do not know how to help him become comfortable with going in his crate again when we leave him here alone. Also, I was wondering if anyone has any tips on separation anxiety. I know the new house is probably part of the reason Mousse is scared to be alone but I do not know if he also may have a small amount of separation anxiety.


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    i personally don't really call some whining and crying seperation anxiety. at least it is very mild. Can you see how long it lasts? is he going into the crate nicely or is that a struggle? (if it is, work on making it a good place again - I can expand on this if needed).

    His routine has changed. I would just let him cry it out. Signs of seperation anxiety to be concerned about are drooling, injuring themselves to get it (or trying to), soiling the crate, etc. don't make a big deal of leaving, give him a stuffed kong and leave. when you come back, don't let him out right away, then calmly let him out and ignore him (do not make a big deal of being home).
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