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    So my poor lil guy has been losing teeth left and right over the last few weeks. Two days ago his top right canine was bent all the way up and hanging by a thread so I pulled it out for him. Yesterday the tip of the adult canine was visible already so they are coming in fast!

    Today he put my whole hand in his mouth and started chewing it which he has not mouthed me like since he was little so I know it is really bothering him. Right now his other top canine is really lose and will likely pop out tonight, his bottom canine on the other side is loose but probably has a few days left one of his middle teeth in the back is really loose! About 75% of his adult teeth are in. Since he has so many loose ones right now any ideas and things to give him to chew to help the process and possible soothe his gums a bit? The poor thing I feel so bad for him!
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    The thing that worked best for Maxx was wetting hand towels, knotting them and freezing them. It helped him tremendously when his mouth was sore.
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    poor puppy! kahlua lost 5 teeth in a week - and those are just the ones i found! i was giving her frozen washcloths all day long and it seemed to keep her more comfortable. i was surprised at how quickly they fell out and were replaced with her big girl teeth, which are beautiful the orthodontist says she will not need braces hehehe.
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