9 month old Chocolate lab being castrated- advice for the aftermath!
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Thread: 9 month old Chocolate lab being castrated- advice for the aftermath!

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    Default9 month old Chocolate lab being castrated- advice for the aftermath!


    So Our 9 month old lab has just been castrated on Monday! Any advice for the aftermath- what to expect etc... would be greatly appreciated!

    I'm hoping it will calm him down in terms of his jumping up and pulling when on walks- but understand that will require me to be firm/ignore/train in the first place!

    Look forward to any thoughts or advice!

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    I would do as your surgeon says. Each time one of mine have had surgery they have reacted differently. Erns cries and feels miserable. Tess just gets on with it.

    I don't think it will calm him or stop him pulling on walks.

    Good thoughts coming.

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    Sorry, I can't tell if he was just neutered or is about to be neutered. If he was done last Monday your Vet should have given you details on how to look after him. I'm guessing he's not done yet.

    Take a look at the readings here: Neutering Articles and Information There are some significant health benefits to delaying his neuter till 12, 18 or even 24 months.

    The behaviours you describe are not sexually dimorphic and thus are unlikely to be changed by neutering. You just have to learn how to train the dog. Nine months does seem to be a particularly hard time with mamy dogs. Are you enrolled in classes? Classes can't be beat, you learn in a controlled situation how to teach him, then you take the show on the road. It's harder to go straight to the road without training in class.

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    no, neutering will absolutely not calm him down. Those are training issues.

    Given this and your other post - how much physical exercise (specifically and how long) does he get daily? Sounds like he isn't getting enough exercise and is in need of training.

    For the neuter - keep him on leash if you need to, crated. Get some stuff for him to eat like stuffed kongs and antlers. practice training to keep his mind occupied. no walks the first few days and potty breaks should be on leash if he looks like he is going to try and run. Othewrise follow the vet's advice (if they are not explicit, ask).
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    It's a fallacy that neutering has any real impact on behavior. If you want better behavior from your dog, you need to invest the time and effort into training.
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