How long is too long for WALKIES!?
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Thread: How long is too long for WALKIES!?

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    DefaultHow long is too long for WALKIES!?

    How long should we be walking out 9 month old lab? Hes getting a little chubby so need to slim down a bit! But dont want to put unnecessary pressure on his hips!

    So many contradicting views online- would be good to hear all of your thoughts!

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    just build up from what you give now (ex: don't go from 20 minutes walks to 2 hour walks!). The rule of thumb for puppies is 5 minutes per month of age but at 9 months you can do long walks for sure.

    free play on soft surfaces is great - swimming is even better.
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    I don't think I've ever seen a 9 month old lab that needed to lose weight. They are usually pretty lanky at that age. How much and what are you feeding?
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