9 month lab perfect in the house- but a nightmare in the garden!
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Thread: 9 month lab perfect in the house- but a nightmare in the garden!

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    Default9 month lab perfect in the house- but a nightmare in the garden!


    FInlay our Chocolate lab is 9 months old now! Time as gone so fast.

    IN general he is ok in the house- and his obedience is getting better- he still have moments of uber excitement and puppy craziness- but i think that's a breed thing! Totally aware its gonna be at least another 9 months before he starts to calm down!

    The problem is that we have recently moved to a house with a garden- where for the first 7 months of his life he was in a flat- meaning that every time he toileted he was on the lead to go out.

    Now in our new house and garden- Finlay just doesn't seem to listen to us- he will come if we call him and he see's or hear's we have food- but his latest fun is ripping up flowers and grabbing plant pots and chewing them to pieces... you then say drop it or leave it and he just looks at you (where as in the house he does that instantly) then he runs away and you either have to go after him ( which i know your not supposed to do- but it ifs sharp plastic it just worries me!)

    So yeah. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    The only way that I have flowers in the garden is either in pots or behind a wire fence.

    You can of course correct and correct, but it may take a few years before the penny finally drops.

    At nine months old ( and for some dogs all of their life ) everything is a game so good luck.

    I have had Labs for 20 years and you learn to take a deep breath and work around the problem ! They always find a way to catch you out though !

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    Have you ever done training sessions with him off leash? Have you ever trained him with distractions? that seems to be the issue. If you only practiced training in the house or in quiet environments or when on leash, then he simply hasn<t learned that to listen in environments with added distractions.

    Dogs do not generalize. training indoors is a great first step but he doesn't associaite that to when he is outside. Different situation in his mind.

    How much exercise (specifically teh kind and duration) is he getting daily?
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    I had to fence in the flowers/shrubs in my backyard when my dogs were young. They are nowhere near as interested now - but at 9 months, the average Labrador will decimate a nice flower bed in 5.7 minutes.

    I agree with Tanya, that more training is needed - but - this is also a maturity issue and 9 month old Labs are usually the definition of immature behavior.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    You have been given awesome advice by very experienced lab owners. It takes a ton of patience and consistency to end up with a well behaved lab but the rewards are endless. Get to an obedience classes, contact a trainer and be prepared to practice, practice and practice again. The well behaved lab you want is there, it is your responsibility to bring it out of him. Good luck!
    Maxx & Emma Jean
    Ozzy - 10/16/02 - 06/28/11 - Always in my heart.

    Sometimes the hardest part isn't letting go - but learning to start over.

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    We had this issue with our dog once he discovered the bulbs from some of the flowers if he couldn't pull them out he would dig until he got to them. We tried and tried and nothing seemed to work to get him to stop. He is even good off leash and I could get him to drop them if I caught him with them, but didnt keep them from destroying them. When my wife and I put in our vegetable garden, we just put up a chain link fence around it inside our wood fence. It was only way we knew they would be safe

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    My dog (who is only 3 months) is was very interested in my flower bed and also my tomato plants (planted in grow bags). So I put up my little fence for the flowers straight away and he hasn't touched them other than pulling on a tulip which was taller than the fence. My tomatoes I put a grow cage around them anyhow for other critters that may want to nibble on them and to support them. He can put his big ol' head right thru one of the holes but he pretty much leaves them alone. I wouldn't leave him unattended around them, but so far so good. I always have problems with other animals eating my veggie gardens, and haven't had a real one in a while. Hubby promises me he's going to build me a raised bed soon, so that will help with all of my pesky friends.

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    You cannot have a garden with a pup unless you protect the garden with fences and/or constantly supervise whenever he is outside. Every Lab puppy I ever had, loved to break off branches of shrubs. They all grew out of it. You can buy 3 foot high fences that you stick in the ground around flowers. They will never learn to respect a flower garden if they see a chipmunk run in there. I love my Labs much more than I like my garden.

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