Baileys first night.
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Thread: Baileys first night.

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    PostBaileys first night.

    Hi everyone, brought 12 week old Bailey home yesterday with no real issues. A few accidents in the front room (all pee)

    Just wondering what I can do to make him pee out in the yard. If he looks. like he needs to go I walk outside and he follows me out and walks round the yard having a good sniff everywhere but then he will just try and get back in the house or just sit down next to me. It doesnt matter how long I wait he just will not pee untill we get back in the house on the carpet!
    Saying this he does poop out there - he had a big poop waiting for me at 3am but that could be my fault as he had been sleeping around 4 hours by then perhaps ill take him out half an hour earlier tonight. However, I got back up at 6am took him out and he pooped again (no pee) I left the back door open hoping he would go out for one. 20 minutes later he wanders out and poops again (no pee!) sure enough my carpet got wet shortly after!

    I do think he handled his cage quite well (despite the poop) digging and ripping of newspaper and little pittuful cries which once a blanket was put over his cage got better.

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    When he pees on the floor, blot it up with a towel and bring it outside with you guys. Put it where you want him to go while you are out there. That should eventually trip the pee circuit in his brain Then treats, outside, right when he's done. Don't forget to catch him in the act inside and express your displeasure (right at the moment he's going, not a second after).

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    Make sure all indoor accidents are thoroughly cleaned with vinegar, peroxide or Natures Miracle. Failure to thoroughly clean these areas will only bring him back to repeat his mistake. Sometimes you have to take them out every 30 minutes in the beginning and either keep the puppy tethered to you or crated when you are not watching him closely. You can not give him ANY opportunity to get away from you to make a mistake until he learns the proper place to potty. When he does go outside throw a happy party, give high value treats and make sure he thinks he is the smartest puppy in the world. You need to do this immediately so keep treats with you. He will get it if you are consistent, good luck!
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