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    DefaultChocolate Lab Issue

    Moose recently turned 4, I have owned him for 15 months. The previous owners gave him up due to loosing their home and could not take him to a apartment. According to the previous owner they rescued him from a abusive owner. Moose is highly intelligent and has learned all basic commands and tricks in the 15 months. He is Daddy's Boy!!!!!

    Moose still has his boy dog parts.
    The issue is he lifts his leg in our living room area and pee's on artificial plants end tables in this area only. My wife has put plastic down and puppy pads to at least catch the mess until we can figure out his issue. Her patience is getting worn with him. Today we are putting up a gate to the living room area to see if that helps anything. he seems to only do his dirty deeds when we are gone. And he knows he did a bad boy thing when we discover it.

    Our vet has given him a clean bill of heath with no urinary tract issues, it could be psychology problem like Separation Anxiety ????
    So here I am looking for guidance
    All Help With This Matter Will Be Appreciated.

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    no, he just never learned house manners.

    1 - clean all marked areas with an odour neutralizing product. regular household products do not remove the odour (to the dog's nose that is).
    2 - treat him like a puppy. keep a direct eye on him (strict supervision) and crate him when you cannot (is he crate trained? It's never too late to start).
    3 - supervision may mean limiting his movements by closing doors, using baby gates or tethering him to you so he is underfoot.
    4 - you need to supervise to the point you see him ABOUT TO pee (before he actually goes). Make a loud noise and say "NO"! If he hasn't peed in awhile, bring him outside (I suspect this is just marking though).
    5 - take him out to pee often. reward and praise when he goes. make sure you see him go.

    lather rinse repeat. if you supervise and crate adequately it shouldn't take too long to get him to stop (a few weeks maybe, then SLOWLY giving him more freedom little my little).

    In a pinch, you can use a belly band. but this is not training anything, just masking the issue.
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    Reiterating Tanya's advice - this is a training issue primarily. I would not leave him uncrated when you are not home - he has not earned that privilege. You need to use an odor neutralizer, like Tanya says. Examples are a white vinegar or peroxide solution or buy a product called Natures Miracle. Lysol or Mr Clean type of products make the area clean to your eye, but to your dog's very sensitive nose, the urine smell remains. While it smells like pee - he will consider it an appropriate place to mark.

    And - I would neuter him asap. No reason for a 4 year old pet dog to be intact, really.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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