How to distinguish between training and playing
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Thread: How to distinguish between training and playing

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    DefaultHow to distinguish between training and playing

    Jefferson now 13 weeks old today. We have gotten over the fear of leaving the back yard. No longer drinking massive amounts of water, and peeing, while doing so. Potty training is was going well until today when he decided to pee on my foot.In all honesty I think he was telling me he had to go out and I wasn't paying attention, so he decided to teach me a lesson. Lesson learned. He still feels the need to put leaves, twigs, dirt, and everything else he shouldn't have in his mouth.I should of named him LEAVE IT. Attending puppy Kindergarden were he was the star pupil last week. Ok he was the only pup their but he still did good. We are healing, pretty well, are sits on stops are spot on, and stays are awesome.
    We only work on these things maybe 15 minutes a day, sometimes twice a day, if I see he has the attention to handle it. When we are done I always give a release word ( your done) and we spend time just playing. My question is, how do you distinguish to your pup when walking on a lead, the difference between we are working now -vs- it's ok you don't have to be healing, right now you can walk around a little, but just don't get to out of control. When I release him and just try to go for a short walk, he looks at me all confused, like aren't I supposed to be right by your side.
    Thanks for any input

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    I used one word for heeling in our area that would be considered "populated" and once we were out where it was not necessarry to heel and he could go explore I gave him the ok to go command. It works perfectly. Your pup is still young, practice of course, but give him plenty if time. He will get it!
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    Mine will be a year old on Thursday, he has suddenly "forgotten" some of his commands, ( I guess I have a defiant teenager on my hands-completely full of himself)we are back to the beginning, and are training as if he knew no commands. We are doing like you are about 15 minutes and then play for about 30. I say "OK run" and he knows that means he can go wild. I was thinking I got off easy for the teenage stuff, and then whammo, here it is. The good thing is they learn quickly and mine is eager to please MOST of the time.
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