Hooray for my 12 year old Howzer! He has been consistently tormented by our now 11- week old Brando ever since we brought B. home. My wife has wanted me to step in and save Howzerfrom the barking and nipping, but I've held back. I can't be there all the time, and Howzer, though he has the patience of a saint, is more than capable of handling the situation. He seemed to be afraid of hurting the puppy. Well, this puppy has gone from a minor annoyance three weeks ago to a little whirlwind devil. Last night Howzer put up with the haranguing for quite a while, and I actually did step in and nudge Brando once to give poor Howzer a breather. Later, I was in the kitchen when I heard a snarl followed by a shrieking brown blur running past me into the dining room. The yelps were horrible. You'd have thought a car ran over his leg. Ten seconds of that followed by another twenty seconds of uncontrolled sneezing and it was over. I checked the puppy to make sure nothing was hurt but his pride, quietly returned to the room and gave Howzer an affectionate pat, my wife sitting wide-eyed, near tears, asking "is he OK?"

I have a feeling some good boundaries have been established.