Need advice for collar type and leash training for new Lab Puppy.
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Thread: Need advice for collar type and leash training for new Lab Puppy.

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    DefaultNeed advice for collar type and leash training for new Lab Puppy.


    We recently got a female Chocolate Lab puppy....she is currently 9 weeks old.

    Been trying to get her used to leash and collar but having issues since she 1) likes to put leash in her mouth and play with it and 2) tends to just stop and sit and not want to move with it on.

    Curious if anyone has any advice. For now I have just been letting her kinda walk on her own if she wishes with the collar/leash as I just walk with her......hoping to just get her used to have it on.

    Also, currently we are using just a regular collar/leash but was wondering if some of the other choices would be better.........i used a Gentle Leader with my previous Lab but not when she was a pup...and she was always very good with leashes from day one.

    Oh and since Kacy is dark chocolate.........sometimes at night its REALLY hard to see her.........any ideas for collar lights, etc? =P


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    at 9 weeks forget training collars. use a flat collar (maybe martingale is she slips out of it) or a harness. you can try a metal link leash to discourage chewing or just redirect. at 9 weeks walks can be in the yard/house as the pup doesn't have all their shots - maybe down the block.
    coax her with treats/high pitch voice.
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    there are tons of options fo collar lights - check out local pet stores
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    Congrats on your puppy! She is adorable My Kai is now 11 weeks old. When we first got her, she would chew on the leash as well (still tries to sometimes if she can get to it :P). I agree that I wouldn't use any training collar right now. I would use either a flat collar and lead or a harness and a lead. What we do with Kai is make sure that the leash is up at all times, so that it is nowhere near her mouth for her to be able to chew it when walking, does that make sense? What I usually do is hold the end of the lead in one hand, and then in my other hand I hold further down on the lead so that I can keep it up vertically. This also seems to give me more control.

    ETA: If she does chew on it, we take it out of her mouth and say "leave it" She is getting pretty good at this command now and will usually do it on her own.

    I would keep her walk sessions short as she is young and does not have her vaccines. Really just around the house, in the yard, or in front of your house in maybe 5-10 minute intervals. Kai really only had issues with not wanting to walk forward the first day or so, and I would just speak to her in an excited voice, encouraging her to walk on, while walking a little bit ahead of her. I know some people use treats as incentives as well.

    Kai is chocolate and we have an LED light up lead that we got from walmart for night time. I know different places also sell LED collars as well. Her regular lead and collar also has a silver reflective stripe down the middle so it's easier to see as well

    Good luck!

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    We just brought Brando home two weeks ago and I was all wound up about what type of collar to use. It had been twenty years since I had a young puppy like him and I'd forgotten that he wasn't ready for serious training yet, anyway. I'd suggest flat collar for now. I let Brando carry the lead in his mouth as long as he's not chewing on it or fighting me. He seems to like having the illusion of control it gives. He does great that way. We may go to a traditional looped training lead in the future, but from what I've seen so far I doubt this dog will need much strong correction.
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    That's what they do at 9 weeks of age. I found if you pick the pup up, and walk away from the house, they are more apt to want to walk back home.

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