Potty and crate training success
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Thread: Potty and crate training success

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    DefaultPotty and crate training success

    We brought Brando home 8 days ago. The first night we kept him in his crate by our bed with the idea that I could comfort him if he had problems. Big mistake, for this dog, at least. He allowed me two hours sleep, with the rest taken up by uninterrupted whimpering and howling. I followed my wife's suggestion the next night and put him in the family room downstairs. He has slept through the night without complaint ever since. He doesn't yet seek his crate, but he settles down and sleeps the moment he's placed there.

    We are careful to not keep him in the crate unless he needs a nap. He comes to work with me, where he has his own crate. It has been challenging to learn how to time his feeding and potty in a way that lets me get things done. The hyper-vigilance has worn me out. I don't like cleaning up potty mistakes.

    I can gratefully say he is doing well. He has even been ringing the bell we hung on the back door for him when he needs to go out. Of course, sometimes he just WANTS to go out, but hey, if he's smart enough to ring the bell, I can spare a few moments to let him explore.

    The only frustrating thing is that he isn't even close to a reliable "come." Too often he just sits and stares at me impassively when I call him. I swear he gets it, but just isn't all that interested in coming unless he suspects I have a treat. I'm giving it time, though.

    Just wanted to brag on him a bit. I need to share good news, because I KNOW he isn't done and tomorrow I could just as likely be wondering if I got the dummy of the litter! Loving his personality, though. He's just begun expressing gladness that I show up after an absence. He's been pretty reserved up until the last two or three days.

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    Expecting a puppy that young to come on command is very unrealistic. Reliable recall takes a good bit of time to learn. I have had dogs all my life and have never had one with reliable recall at the age of your puppy. Give him some time to learn this but definitely work on it as much as possible.
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    ^^^This. I noticed that Tony (6 months) usually comes when I use my extra high voice, stoop low to his level and call. Then praise no end when he comes. If I use a firm voice to call, he runs the other way. Once he learns that coming is a good thing that brings praise, play, or a treat, hopefully, he will come whenever called.

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