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    DefaultPuppy fears

    Tony, just over 6 months, seems to be fearful of anything he's not familiar with. The exception is when he is leash walking... not afraid of anything. Yesterday when I announced that I'm going to the bank, J and B couldn't get out the door fast enough to go to the drive through window for a small treat. Tony was with them until he saw they went into the car then turned back. I took him on leash down to the lake; he was afraid of steps and afraid to go too close to the water. ( I hope when he sees J and B having fun in the water, he will too.) He's even afraid to go down two steps out of the back door which we rarely use. He runs whenever the other dogs bark at something on the street.
    I hope these are just puppy fears which he will outgrow. Never had another puppy who was like that. I have been ignoring him... not coddling and not forcing. Is there anything I should be doing to help him overcome this or just stand back and let him grow up? (He's already as big as J and B, bigger than Duke.)

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    Maxx was afraid of going down steps as a puppy once he was too big to be carried down them. We only have 4 steps to our yard but our training facility has a very long staircase to the inside training room we use during cold and bad weather. We just took it really slow, one step at a time, using high value treats as we went. It took some time but it worked . Other than that he is fearless. We live in Amish country and he has seen horse and buggies since the day we brought him home. Usually he will sit and watch them go by as he was taught to do so. Today I was out walking him and along comes a horse and buggy. Instead of sitting he decided it would be fun to try and chase the horse and
    buggy. Luckily I was paying attention to his body language and was able to stop him. Emma, on the other hand, is afraid of everything. I have had her since she was less than 6 weeks old when I took her and her brothers and sisters to keep them from going to a high kill shelter. I kept them all together until 8+ weeks, handled them all the time, exposed them to lots of things and people and thought I did everything right. Out of the entire litter she is the only one like this. I have tried trainers, a behaviourist, everything I can think of and nothing had worked. She will be 7 in July and we just deal with it. We don't coddle or pay any extra attention to her.
    I sure hope Tony is just going through a puppy phase, a fearful dog is not fun to deal with.
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