6 month old peeing in house.
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Thread: 6 month old peeing in house.

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    Default6 month old peeing in house.

    Originally Posted by Lostinadams
    My six month old lab used to pee just out side. Now without warning he relives himself in our living room or kitchen. He does not poop inside ( thankfully) but he does pee. He sleeps all night uncreated without peeing a drop but during the day he does it. I was letting him out side and I could not even get the door open and he peed right there. It's driving me crazy. When I do take him out, he does nothing.

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    As I said in reply to your other post:
    bring in a urine sample to check for UTI.

    If he is clear, back to basic potty training. Clean all accidents with odour neutralizing product, keep him tethered to you or otherwise limit his movements in the h ouse so you can watch him (crate him when you cannot). Bring him outside regularly for potty breaks, reward when he goes. Just like he was a baby.
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    Examples of odor neutralizing product: White vinegar, peroxide or Nature's Miracle (you can get this at any pet supply store). If you are using a normal household cleaner, it may seem that the spot is cleaned up but dogs can smell that urine smell much better than we can and it will be a scent message for him to keep peeing in that area.

    I agree that he should be crated when you are not able to supervise him and you should adhere to a strict schedule for potty runs. But - usually when a dog suddenly has multiple accidents there is a medical component.
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