Crate training questions (part deux)
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Thread: Crate training questions (part deux)

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    DefaultCrate training questions (part deux)

    Hi everyone,

    Want to start off by saying thanks for all the great advice, we picked up our pup (Ranger) on Saturday and things have been going great.

    He immediately took to his crate and started bringing his toys in there and just hanging out in there - we also have a dog bed and he also likes spending time on that as well.

    I work from home and my question is around how strict I should be with him napping in his kennel vs the dog bed. I have a little area for him to play in while I'm working and it funnels into his kennel - but the past few days he has been napping on the dog bed.

    He is not having any accidents and is getting some good naps on the dog bed which allow me to get some work done. We have left him in the kennel for an hour here and there and neighbors report about 5 min of whining, and at night there is no whining unless he has to pee.

    My fear is that if I put him in the kennel while i am working he will whine and bark....thoughts??


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    As long as he is behaving while you are working I wouldn't worry about using the crate unless you are not able to keep an eye on him.
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    What a cutie! I think what you are doing is fine....Hunter rarely naps in his crate, he knows it's where he sleeps at bedtime and when we leave the house. We go away a lot too and we have a crate at that house and he actually lays in his crate there to nap but we leave the gate open.
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    I don't think you are doing anything wrong, rather it sounds like things are going well. As long a pup knows that crate is bed time place and quiets down then it's fine to leave him to use his outside bed. If you have a worry about it you can put him in his crate during the day for periods of times so he knows that at times he can sleep there as well if you have to go out and puppy is alone.

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    He is a cute. The only reason I would put mine in crate while I work from home is for some extra crate training. If they are fine in a crate when I am not home then they sleep where they want to.

    Mine take turns in the crate in my office. One will be alseep in it then the other will come along and bark. First dog gets out and sleeps on the dog bed until it wants crate time. This bed swapping goes on all day.

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    interesting question.

    There are benefits to getting him used to be crated if you are in the other room. Say for a shower, or to go say clean another room. It teaches good crates habits should you ever need to crate him when there are people around (and there are a large number of reasons/occasions when this may be useful).

    Do you make a point of leaving every day? Make sure he learns now to be alone (i.e. all humans out of hte house) which it sounds like you are doing. Some people who are home alot never leave the puppy so when that day comes and they have to, the dog freaks out. I was talking to a trainer and she said while it's great when people are home so much, they often end up with dogs unable to function without their human (SA) because their owner never made a point of leaving the dog for short periods of time daily (and increasing longer periods). but again - sounds like you are already on top of this.
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    Thanks everyone for the replies! Things are going well, I do make a point to leave everyday for at least 30 minutes and have started putting Ranger in his crate at times when I am home and sense a nap coming on (and then will usually open the door when he falls asleep and he stays there until he wakes).

    Thanks again!!

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