Tying my puppy on a poll
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Thread: Tying my puppy on a poll

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    DefaultTying my puppy on a poll

    I have 2 questions.
    1. I practice soccer. So when i go practice alone i don't want to leave my dog (6month old Lab) alone. Today i went to the field and tied him to a poll and gave him something to chew. But when the ball came near him he tried to run and fel because he was tied. It seems like it had a lot of preasure on the neck when he tried to run, but he didnt seem it was hurting him. My question is does it hurt the dog that he pulles and will he stop trying to chase the ball after he understands its useless?
    2. When in the park (and at home) if he finds something and puts it in his mouth, he runs away from me because he knows he wasnt supposed to pick it up. How can i stop this?

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    I'd crate my dog at home when I have to do something where I can't watch him away from home. He will run to the end of the rope several times before he learns not to and may injure his neck in the process.

    On your second question. This is a training issue. You need to train your dog to "drop it" (if picks up something you don't want him to have) and "leave it" for those times you catch him about to pick something up. Chasing him just makes it a game he will keep repeating.

    Have you done any formal training with him?
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    ditto - leave the puppy at home. he is not "learning to be indpendant" by tying him to a poll and he could very well hurt himself very badly.
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    I think it is great you take him to soccer. Is there someone who could hold him for you.

    We used to take Kassa, but always had one of us with her. Your pup could hurt himself, or someone could steal him, or another dog bite him. These things happen so quickly and if you are playing there is no way you can watch all the time. I take mine to work. They are great and usually sleep but if I am on a big job don't take them as it is impossible to concentrate and check them.

    Erns previous owners would chase him to get something off him and what a pest he was when I got him. Being outsmarted by a dog isn't fun. I taught leave and drop and he became better.

    We love pics so when you get time to post some of your pup we will enjoy it.

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