Getting excited when people pass by on walks
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Thread: Getting excited when people pass by on walks

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    DefaultGetting excited when people pass by on walks

    My 6 month old Lab gets excited when people pass by on the streets. He always wants to go near them and sometimes tries to jump on them. I dont let him.But even if he does he doesnt do harm he just wants people to pet him and show affection. How can i correct this?

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    You have to get him to focus on you.

    Bauer did the same thing when he was a puppy. When I saw a person approaching, I would make him sit/stay and feed him treats repeatedly until the person passed. He had no choice but to pay attention to me and ignore the other person. I used Cheerios as his training treats, so I didn't have to worry about the calories. After doing this for a while, I could simply hold a Cheerio in my hand when we walked past another person and treat/praise him after the person passed. It takes consistency, but eventually he will focus on you and not other people. Bauer still looks at me every time we pass another person, and I haven't given him a treat for passing nicely in 4 years.

    Funny story: When we were in our "sit/stay/treat repeatedly phase" we were walking one afternoon and encountered another person and their dog that were doing the same thing. We were on opposite sides of the road, and finally I realized what was happening. I told him that one of us was going to have to move or we weren't going to get anywhere.
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    Have you heard of Premack Principle? You can do what you want AFTER you do what I want. Now I wouldn't go so far as to let him jump on people but it worked wonders for us with other dogs. It really helped me to get focus on me. And surely other dogs are at least as high, if not higher, a distraction as people?

    Premack Principle is nothing new but Leslie McDevitt has successfully used it in her methods which she outlines in her book, [url=]Control Unleashed.[/ur] Give a read at the link and see what you think. Don't worry about the unleashed part of the title, it works on leash too. This particular part of her training she calls the "Look at That" Game. I use LOOK for something else so I say Who'zat dog? Or just Who'zat? This is just a brief description. I use other parts of her book too and I think it's one of the best training help books I've got.

    ETA: Sorry, the link didn't come out right.

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