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    Default4 week old - please suggest

    Hello everyone,

    I adopted a small puppy from a local shelter home and it's a lab. I named him "dollar" and the shelter administrator told me his mom had 9 pups and she turned very unwell and the pups can't be with their mom anymore. After investigating a little more, i figured out that the breeder originally tried to sell the pups but since no one would buy pups that are 3-4 weeks young - so he gave away most of them to the shelter. The authority at shelter reached out to see if someone wanted to adopt puppies and i was one of them.

    It was a quick decision and after seeing those pups, i couldn't think why i wouldn't want them. After completing formalities, i adopted one of the male pup. He was sleeping with the rest of them. Out of 6 pups, 2 were adopted and "dollar" was among 4 others. He is healthy and playful but i was really worried since he seemed just 3 weeks old to me. After the adoption, i immediately took him a Vet, where he was checked and de-wormed. The Vet suggested me that i should feed him "samolac" and puppy "royal canin" food. He suggested not to give him milk anymore and mix Samolac and royal canin in a little quantity with water and give him.

    I did that but during the first day, he simply wouldn't eat. I assumed he wasn't hungry but later my mom suggested to try milk - and he licked the entire bowl empty. I was tad confused but ever since then, i would mix a little "samolac" with milk and he will eat gladly. 2 days later, it occurred me that something substantial must go into his stomach so i tried a new trick - i mixed a little milk with "royal canin" and "samolac" and tried that - and he din seem very happy with it but he ate all of what he could and left. I tried it again during his next supper - same reaction. And today, he licked it a couple of times and he left. I assumed he didn't like it so i just took some milk - heated it a little and gave him. He licked it a couple of times and he left. All attempts went in vain.

    Now, i am worried. I know he is too young and he should be with his mom and now that just can't i dont know what do i do. Should i look for another breeder and see if he can adjust him with another labrador's mom for a week or two? till he is a little more matured and i can bring him back home. I really love him and most of the time, i take him in my arms and belly rub him. I even wipe his face and hands after he is done eating. When he gets dirty, i bath him partially (avoiding head) and i also made him a "REALLY" soft cushion made bed where can sleep. that's inside a cardboard. I made sure he can get out easily incase he needs to.

    He is a bit potty trained - he never does any accidents in the cardboard box. He would get out of it and do it in the hallway but never in the box. These days, whenever he comes out of the box - i immediately take him out of the house in a designated place where he poops and i put water on it after wards. I pick him and literally runs out of the house because i know what's he going to do. Its mostly after he wakes up and very less likely after he eats.

    Another cause of worry is - i am worried if he is blind. I don't know at all - i will have him checked to a vet in my next visit but he frequently hits the furniture while running and he is attracted to sounds. If i want him to come to me, i will whistle and clap and he will try to track the sound and will run to it. But if you hold him and make him see you - and if you try to move here and there, his eye balls will move too. To double check this, i bought a soft yellow ball which also caters to his chewing habits - but he never "sees" it. It will roll right next to him and he would continue sniffing the floor. i even make him fight with a angry bird soft toy by slightly nudging him on his face and we will growl and fight back. Often, after i do this, i will place to soft toy next to him so he can come and fight him but he just won't. I think he can't see it? i am not sure.

    The Vet assumes - his birthday must be around - 23 to 25th January. He is a sweet heart and is loved by everyone in my family. He sleeps most of the hours during the day and i've set his food timings as - 7 am - 12 pm - 5 pm - 10 pm. 4 times a day - little milk everyday. Frankly, even the VET doesn't seem like an expert to me since he suggested me food (i bought dog food from him) and dollar won't eat it.

    Now, thank you for your time reading my entire and detailed scenario - but i am really worried and i don't know what do i do. I even sleep next to him incase he wants to get up during night or if there's any problem. I hold him and cares him every time he is not sleeping. He tries to get away and bites my hand but i don'd mind. He is my first dog and i want his best - i want to know what habits i should keep and which ones to discard. I even follow Ceaser Millan (the dog whisperer) and googled so many forums and blogs to know most about labs.

    I would love if you could offer your suggestion on the following questions:

    1) Should i look for other breeders and see if some lab has kids as old as Dollar and try to arrange him live there?

    2) Is the food okay? should i feed him milk? or does what VET suggested look normal to any of you? just paranoid.

    3) Do you think he is blind? or too young? I am sure he is developing himself and i shouldn't hurry and if i am so concerned, i should visit a Vet - but i am just worried. I have asked a lot of my friends to find out best VET so i can take him there.

    4) Other essentials i should do to make him obedient, smart and healthy? I really love most of the pets picture i see next to replies and i want my Dollar to be like them. Healthy, fit and obedient.

    I really appreciate your time and i look forward to continue to share all details about dollar with you. Attached is a picture of Dollar
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    The pup is very young. You cannot give a puppy cow's milk. If he doesn't like the Similac milk replacer, look for goats milk at your grocery store. The pup might not understand dog kibble yet, so you will have to make it into a gruel. I would take a cup, cover it with water, when fully soaked, mash under it's like oatmeal. Add some warm goats milk so it looks like soupy oatmeal and put it down on the groud with lots of newspapers/towels. Be prepared to have a dirty puppy. You can also pick up a jar of baby food Chicken or Beef, and dip your finger in it and put it in the pups mouth. If he is ready to eat, his licking will kick in. If he's too young, he'll want to suck.

    Put lots of toys out that the pup can play with...soft squishy, balls, empty soda bottles...lots of experiences for the pup. He's probably not blind, but it takes several weeks after the pups eyes open to have them fully focus and see right.

    Try googling "raising a puppy without it's mother".

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    Excellent response. I will try goat's milk tomorrow - i will pick some from the store today. His teeth's are pretty small to chew yet, he licks about everything. he tries to bite a lot - its great. I ll prepare him food oatmeal style tomorrow. I usually serve him in a bowl and he licks off everything. We adore him a lot and whenever he is up, everyone has his attention. Tho - he always look confided places to hide and then sleeps.

    Thanks LuvBrown for your attention. Really appreciate it is there anything more i should know?

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    I once raised 3 litter mates at 3 weeks old it was years ago though their mother stopped nursing. I remember having to burp them after they ate. Basically massaging my thumbs over their bellies. I don't remember how long that went on. Most pups are weaned by 4-5 weeks but their first kibble meals are usually softened.

    I'd also be real cautious with visitors the pups immune system is vulnerable. I'd have all family and visitors removing shoes at the door and washing hands before handling the pup. A ticking alarm clock wrapped under atowel blanket at night might help too to stimulate mother.
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    I don't know what country you are from, but shame on the shelter that split up the litter! These puppies need to be with the litter even if the mother is no longer caring for them. Any shelter that does not understand this should not be in the business of caring for animals.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    Luv Browns post is excellent. I would suggest looking specifically for Esbilac Goats Milk (not the regular) and follow everything else suggested. Tractor Supply sells it, WalMart sells it.

    Good Luck with the baby.. I also agree shame on that shelter for doing what they did. Not everyone is going to be as attentive as you.

    Danika & Eva

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