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    Hey everyone, I'm Amy and this is my doggy MaxPICT0064505.jpg(he's a mix between a lab and some other breed....don't know for sure.He's almost 4 months old and we have him for a month and a half.
    My question is how can we potty train him outside?
    We started using those doggy pads but he's still having accidents in the whole house, and we also tried to train him to use our balcony but he still has those accidents everyday.i don't know if it is either confusing for him or not.Please help me

    PS:we live in a flat on the 4th floor

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    Every dog would notify in some way or other before making an accident, the trick is to see it. Even if he makes an accident, please don't yell or abuse him. Give him sometime, find out patterns of when he goes to sleep, eat and when he is more likely to stool. After he eats, or wakes up - take him to where you want him to stool. Let me him do that a few times and he will learn accordingly.

    Hope that helps.

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    Puppy needs to go out every 2 hours, after eating, waking and playing. It is YOUR job to be consistent. Keep puppy crated when you are not able to have both eyes on him. I would get rid of the training pads, I think they are just confusing. Also, make sure all accidents are cleaned thoroughly with Natures Miracle or vinegar to remove all smells. Usually a few weeks of consistency will have a puppy well on the way, good luck!
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    ditch the pads. YES they confuse a dog.

    - constant vigilant supervision is key
    - crate the dog when you cannot supervise, crate should be just big enough for him to get up and turn around. Do not leave him in there longer then he can hold it
    - take him out often. How often depends on teh time fo day and his activity level. Take him out whenver you change activity (when he wakes up, after a play, after he eats, etc. etc. etc.).
    - he is giving you a signal most likely, you need to learn those signals and catch him before he goes (get him outside). the signal can just be a specific gate, a place he goes to, a look, anything
    - PRAISE, ahve a party when he goes outside. treats, play, praise. jackpot, he just did the best thing ever.
    - clean all accidents with a product that neutralizes the odour, regular household cleaners are not enough, use something like nature's miracle or vinegar
    - you can consider tethering him to you at times, or closing doors/using baby gates to limit his movement.
    - make sure he goes when you put him out. you probably should be out there with him.
    - lather rinse repeat.

    it will take a little longer at this point as he has a habit of going in the house. the key is supervision and setting them up for success

    I personally would not let the dog use the balcony to do their business. go oustide. it's part of raising a puppy, frequent trips outside (all teh way downtstairs and outside)
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    heey again
    thanks for your really helped
    i got rid of the pads and it's about 3 weeks since his last accident in the house

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