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Thread: Puppy Question - re: cold weather

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    DefaultPuppy Question - re: cold weather

    Hi. This may seem like a dumb question, but does a yellow lab puppy need a coat in very cold weather? This is our first puppy since we moved from California.

    We just got an 8 week old yellow lab (Mulder) and we are in Nebraska. Supposed to be getting sub-zero temps and a ton of snow.

    When I take him out, he acts like he is freezing already and it's only in the 30s. He is so little.

    Don't know if he will even keep one on, but thought I would ask. Thanks. Beth

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    Hi Beth

    No, Labs are not made for winter sweaters or anything like that. They are supposed to have a thick double coat with guard hair covering the under coat. Young puppies will be a little cold, I would just not keep him out long and let him acclimate to the cold weather. Sub zero temps as I am in, too, are terrible and the dogs are literally outside to go to the bathroom and back in. Once he get's a bit more used to it you will find him to be so happy in the 30's/snow and playing!!! When you are out make sure to run around a bit, have fun and play to keep him moving. :-) (nor are they made for shaving in the summer due to heat, ruins their skin/coat and some people are not aware of that, either.)

    Danika & Eva

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    Young puppies will not have the protective coat that older puppy/adult labs have. That being said, it still isn't necessary to put them in a coat. You are probably only taking the puppy out long enough to go potty.

    I live in Michigan, and the day we brought Bauer home it was 50 degrees and sunny. The next day it was 12 degrees and we had 7 inches of snow. When it was cold he would walk over and climb up on my feet, and bury his face in my legs. He looked like an emperor penguin baby. It was funny. He didn't like walking in the snow though, we had to shovel a path to his potty area, and shovel an area for him to do his business.

    Good luck with your little guy.
    Debi and Bauer
    Some people are like slinkies. Not really good for much, but bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs.

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    DefaultThanks for the advice. Couple other questions

    Since I've got you - been 11 years since we had a puppy...We brought him home recently and he is really little. He wants to be held all the time to go to sleep and if we put him in his crate to sleep at night, once he wakes, he cries and cries so my husband has been bringing him into bed with us. Bad idea??

    Our old lab loved his crate, but I honestly don't remember how long it took him to get used to it. We have a Vari-kennel (plastic one) and then a big precision crate that I can divide off. Right now he is in the plastic one because we can move it room to room easier.

    Potty training going well - so far only 2 accidents.

    Let me know if you have any other advice - maybe he just needs to cry it out like a baby, but unfortunately our house is not huge and he wakes everyone up.

    Thanks. Beth

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    Yes i think it is a mistake to bring puppy to bed with you, do you have the crate in your bedroom? Maker sure puppy gets exercise and goes potty just before bed time. Then into the crate and be ready to take him out to go to the bathroom at times through the night for the 1st short while. He does need to know that when he is put to bed it is sleepy time in his crate. The first few days to few weeks can be a bit trying because puppys can cry like banshees but normally they will settle back down once they see they are not getting results by wailing.

    Don't worry, before long it will be all gravy. :O)

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