Can't take the ruined clothes
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    DefaultCan't take the ruined clothes

    Help! I'm sure this has been discussed but frankly I am at a loss. Chloe is a good dog, gets lots of exercise and attention...but I can't take the biting of my clothes ( and the children's) anymore. She has put holes in at least 5 garments this week. I can't keep having our clothing destroyed. I have tried ignoring, crating, standing still...but she latches on and when I try to get the article out of her mouth, she pulls and it results in holes. We start puppy classes this week but I need immediate help with this situation. I can't afford to constantly replace everyone's wardrobe. Any advice or tips to get her to stop?

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    Say No in a big stern voice, and redirect his
    attentionto a chew toy
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    Quote Originally Posted by bearbuddymarie View Post
    Say No in a big stern voice, and redirect his
    attentionto a chew toy
    Yep. Then when she chews on the toy ~ praise what a great dog she is to chew THAT.

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    Fortunately this stage doesn't last forever. I know it is not much help but until she is done teething can you have everyone change in to older things? At least if an accident happens it won't be so bad.
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    Clicker training is a great way to work on mouthing issues. Once the dog understands what the clicker is for you can start enforcing good habits using it. I have started doing this with Takoda who just came home to me yesterday. I do this in short sessions and it seems to be working very well. He has played with my young nephews ages 9, 6, & 2 and we have yet to have them nip at one of them. Though he did chew on the 2 year old's shoe!

    In general whenever I am around the puppy and he is out of his crate I always surround myself with various toys. That way the moment he starts to mouth me or my clothing I immediately tease him with a toy and get him to transfer his attention to that. A few times I've had to peel open his lock jaw and slide my sleeve out and put his mouth around a toy. I use this same rule with the kids as well, I teach them to tease him with toys only when they want to run with the puppy so that way he learns that its ok to run and chase the toy and "catch it" instead of chasing one of the boys and latching onto their pant legs or hands.

    I do several short sessions a days (3-5 minutes) where I intentionally try to tempt him to with my hand. I will make a small fist and bring it towards his mouth. I click and treat any non-reaction to the hand or if licks it. If he does happen to mouth my hand I immediately transfer my hand to a toy and simply wait to see what he does next. So far he really enjoys these sessions. I plan to keep this up throughout his teething for the next few months. Teething is always a challenging time so I feel your frustration!

    Youtube has some great videos up that show some methods to teach a puppy not mouth:

    Puppy Foundation Skills Part Three: A Pro-active Approach to Puppy Nipping - YouTube
    Dog Training Videos: How to train your puppy not to bite - YouTube
    Bite Inhibition Puppy mouthing biting and licking - YouTube
    How To Train Puppy To Stop Biting! - YouTube
    Deep Run Traveling "Takoda" (12/05/12)

    Deep Run Easygoing Ezekial "Zeke" (04/13/17)

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