4 Month Old Lab/Bloodhound mix behavior problems
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Thread: 4 Month Old Lab/Bloodhound mix behavior problems

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    Default4 Month Old Lab/Bloodhound mix behavior problems

    Hi my name is Eric i have a 4 month old lab/bloodhound mix named Bella. i got her when she was 2 months old but what i think the problem is, is that for that 2 months the people that had her before just kept her in a garage because they adopted the mom and didnt know she was pregnant. she didnt have any training whatsoever. i know she is a puppy and i know i should take her to obedience classes but i just feel like im failing. when i first got her she was an inside dog most of the time but i would put her in my backyard for a few hours each day. now that winter is here i have started kennel training her so she doesnt have to be in the -30 degree weather. i let her out every hour and she will go to the bathroom. but she just cant seem to hold it when shes in the house. even when in the kennel she pees and poops. i think its because she wants out of the kennel.when she is outside with me in the front yard about 50% of the time after about 5 or 10 minutes with me outside she will run to the nieghbor's house (not any one in specific) and not come to me when i call her just look at me innocently and keep on going, then she will keep running from me if i walk towards her then after 10 or 15 mins she will come to me. she doesnt bite or anything but she will eat food if its left on the table. is this just her being a puppy or should she be farther along training wise? ive never raised a dog from so young so i need help. thanks

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    Oh my, first congrats on your adopting this puppy and giving her a proper home. Poor thing, she was raised inside of a garage. I highly doubt she received the proper socialization.

    Questions- When she's outside with you , she is on a lease, right? Has she been been given any obedience training with a professional trainer at a school? Puppies need to be trained to come when called, they don't know instinctively to come when called.

    As for the potty training, puppies can't hold it. They need to be taken out after they eat and as soon as they wake up from their naps. I pick mine up immediately when he wakes up to take him outside as so far he's been doing great.

    What are you feeding Bella? She should be feed only high quality dog food . I'm feeding mine Nature Valley Instinct Rabbit formula that the breeder fed him and he loves it. Do not allow her to eat table scraps. Please keep out of reach any uneaten food from her. Leaving it out is too tempting for her.

    P.S. I'd love to see a picture of her!
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    Potty training a puppy involves more than simply letting them outdoors. You need to shape her behavior by rewarding her when she pees/poops outdoors. So - you take her out every hour (particularly after a meal, after she wakes up, after play/exercise) and you offer her a lot of positive encouragement (throw a party, lots of praise) when she pees/poops outdoors). You do this enough and she will understand that eliminating outdoors is what you want. Dogs will work hard to please you!

    You need to clean up the areas she has had accidents with a cleaner that takes care of the odor - which typical household cleaners will not. Use vinegar, peroxide or Nature's Miracle to re-clean every one of the places she has gone if you have not done so prior. If you don't do this, she will continue to get a scent message that this spot is a great place to pee.

    Her running off and ignoring you is also not surprising. Recall is something you need to train for and it takes time. You have a puppy that is part Bloodhound. I hate to tell you, but she may NEVER be trustworthy offleash. Bloodhounds will latch on to scents and follow their nose for hours. Hounds in general are notorious for following their noses and ignoring whatever command their person is shouting at them. You are far away from being able to trust this puppy offleash.

    You should never leave a puppy outdoors unsupervised. She can get into so much trouble in your yard! Puppies will put just about anything in their mouths and will chew whatever they can. Many dog owners have learned the hard way that their dog can and will consume something that causes an intestinal blockage and $$$$ surgery results. In addition puppies left unattended outdoors are prey items for large birds of prey and coyotes - lots of bad things can happen. Keep her indoors until at least she is an adult.
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    Okay so I adopted this mix. I got her when she was 12 weeks old and let me tell you, she's a brat. But I love her. Hound dogs are not easy to train. You need be patient and very loving. Let her be outside all day. And come in all night. Use a spray bottle to discipline. They love to chew!!! Get lots of bones and chew toys for inside the house. Theses dogs make perfect inside and outside dogs. They need your attention. The more you spend time with them
    Even if you let them chill with you in the house they will tend to be more obedient. My dog stopped peeing and pooping in the house once I let her play outside all day. Because now she knows inside is to sleep and outside is to play. It gets better once they get older. My dog is almost 2 years and she's starting to get out of the puppy stage. If you have any questions just ask. If you have tips for me, please let me know.

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