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    Hi all,

    Our 14 week old puppy has started barking at my children when the eat anything in front of her. If they eat on te sofa she runs up and starts barking like crazy. I don't know why as she has never been fed from the sofa and only eats kibble?! How can I stop her, nothing seems to work except them finishing their food ( as soon as they stop eating, she stops barking). She doesn't really bark at any other time.

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    Have your kids give her food when she started to park and don't want to tell you afraid they may get in trouble? Not that i know anyways if that may be in the case. couple ways to do this and i am sure more will ask

    feed her around the same time your kids eat this may stop the barking she getting her food

    make her lay down in another room and stop her from barking she only young

    Why Dogs Bark: Stop Excessive Barking

    that may help as well hope other members can help you better good luck.

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