Crating and nipping... just a little
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Thread: Crating and nipping... just a little

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    DefaultCrating and nipping... just a little

    Hi Everyone,

    We finally got Titan after a long 4 month wait. He turned 7 weeks this Monday and we picked him up on Tuesday. He's been doing great so far! He's calm, for the most part, and catches onto things very quickly. The first night we had him he only woke up twice, both times to use the bathroom. The breeder did a wonderful job helping potty train them and crate train them. He has only had two accidents inside and is usually pretty easy to read when he has to go outside to use the bathroom. If he's in the crate, he'll just whine and then when he's out we go straight to the bathroom.

    I have a couple issues right now though. They aren't anything major, but I would like to nip it in the bud before he gets bigger or before they become more engrained. First, when we put him in the kennel during the day, he screams and cries. At night he is tired and is ready to go to sleep. He's only willingly gone in the crate once or twice. Other times I'll lure him in or put him in and then click and treat when he's tired. This usually does the job until I step away then he begins screaming and crying. Sometimes it's 5 minutes and then he stop or other times it's for an hour. I'm trying to tire him out before I get him in the crate so he sleeps and feels more comfortable in it, but I want to know how he will be once I start going back to work on Monday. My brother is home until 11:30AM so he can let him out a couple times in the morning and play with him before heading to work and school himself. How do you recommend crate training him so he doesn't cry so much when he's in the crate. It's not only loud, but more makes me and my family feel awful. Is walking around the room when he's crying giving him negative attention? Or is simply not looking at him okay?

    The second issue is his nipping. He's good so far with his nylabones and his unstuffed teddy bear. Whenever he gets a shoe or starts to work on the carpet I tell him "No" and give him his toy or nylabone. When he mouths my fingers or legs I say "Ouch!" and then I stand up and ignore him. The thing is he just sits then he either starts licking himself, scratching himself, or starts playing around with something else. Do we just keep at it like this or should I do something else? He also tries lunging at our faces but I hold him and just say "No!" What else can I do to remedy this and let him know it's not okay?

    One last thing... I have this huge dog teddy bear. I let him play with it and he started humping it so I took it away. Is it normal to start humping at 7 weeks?!


    Heres a picture of him:
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    Woops somehow that turned upside down.

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    Did you work on making the crate a good place before putting him in? Feed him in teh crate, throw high value treats in there for him to find on his own. then grab a high value treat and show him, make him excited. Throw the treat in the crate and close the door (puppy outside). make him want to go in there. Then open the door and let him in. Do this a few times, and start closing teh door behind him for a very short time. then open and let him out.

    when you put him in the crate, give him something like a handful of kibble or a stuffed kong to keep him busy. start with short sessions (a few minutes) and always let him out when he is quiet. There is a video on this if you google Ian Dunbar crate training.

    It is very normal for him to bark. just don't let him out when he barks. you don't have to wait for a loooong pause in the barking but do wait for a pause.

    Regarding the biting/chewing: You actually have good techniques there, just keep doing them and be consistent. It takes weeks if not longer for this to catch on. It is going to take time and repetition for the biting. Remember this is a BABY. he's got the attention span of a gnat and things take time.

    Humping is normal. it means he is exited about the toy (he must really like it). it has nothign to do with sexuality or dominance at that age.
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    Yeah I've been throwing treats into the crate. He sometimes doesn't see it or else he accidentally knocks it beyond the divider and starts crying cause he can't reach it lol. I haven't had to door closed with him outside but I will do so from here on out. He will catch up quickly I think.

    What I worry about for treating too much is overfeeding him. I usually start the day with his daily feeding amount measured out. I then take from there his first meal, then his training treats (I use his kibble), then his last meal. I try to feed one from his kong or kong wobbler. Should I be this uptight about his feed? My only fear is hip or elbow dysplasia.

    That's what I thought about the chewing/mouthing issues. He literally has the attention span of a gnat. One second he's trailing a scent, the next second he's trying to jump on a chair lol. I think he really does just love that big dog toy. My wife thinks it will start to make him hump people and other objects. Should I worry about this?

    Thank you! I really appreciate your help!

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    Smokey is 9 months old, he literally "humped" like three or four times ever and it hasn't been for many many months now. He hasn't ever done it to a person or another dog, it was always a pillow or a stuffed toy. If you don't want him to do it or if you think he is doing it a lot you can redirect and put his attention on something else. Being he is so little still I personally wouldn't worry about it.
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    What a beautiful lab pup you have! We have an 8 week old pup right now and when he gets really aggressive on our hands with the biting we use Bitter Apple - applied to our hands or a quick short spray in the mouth with a big "NO!". We also apply it to chair rungs and carpet areas that he's decided to chew on. We are always watching him but he's trying to figure out what he can chew on and what he can't. He has tons of "approved" toys, but of course he's going to try his luck on furniture, etc. Our pup also barked a lot in the kennel at first, like hours at a time, before we could hear a break and let him out. The first week seems to be the hardest with these guys. After he figured out our routine, and that he would be let out if he was quiet, he settled down a lot. Now he whines or does a little yip to go out for potty a couple times during the night only. He will carry on if he's in his kennel and we are awake doing things in the house, but he eventually gives up and lays down. We give him a few pieces of kibble thrown in with the word "kennel" before any extended kennel time and a toy too.

    Oh, and our guy did his first humping last night. Nothing to worry about there, totally natural.
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    Thanks everyone! I appreciate all your help!

    He's been waking up more and barking more after potty breaks in the middle of the night. It's more of him being off of a schedule vs him just getting up. I'm getting him on a feeding schedule to minimize his breaks at night. I don't mind getting up at 6AM, that's normally when I wake up, it's just testing my patience when I have to get up every 1.5 hours followed by an additional 15-20 minutes of barking and whining.

    Again, thank you for your help and thanks for all the great comments!

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