Chewing/Licking my shoe?
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Thread: Chewing/Licking my shoe?

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    DefaultChewing/Licking my shoe?

    Hi My puppy, Milo, keeps chewing/licking my slippers/shoes when I have them on. If I take my foot away he goes after it, thinking its a game. What should I do/say to stop him chasing after it? I don't mind him licking it and things like that but I try to walk and he's just trying to chase my feet. (quite amusing but annoying)

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    a sharp "no lick" and take him away from it. and me thinks, when the slippers arent on your feet, keep them out of his reach, for now.if you like them.

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    There a couple ways of doing this tell him no and give him a toy of his to have so he can chew it. In this way you redriting him saying he can chew on his toy but not your stuff. and yea also keep your stuff up and i mean up.

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