Labrador puppies fighting! Help?
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Thread: Labrador puppies fighting! Help?

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    DefaultLabrador puppies fighting! Help?

    Hello guys.
    I have a 4 month old male yellow labrador puppy, who's really hyper. Two days ago I got a 2 month old yellow female lab to keep the male company so that he doesnt get lonely when im at college. But when i brought her home and introduced them to each other, my male climbed on top of her immediatlely and started nipping at her and catching her skin and pulling her ears. She retaliates as well, by biting everything she can reach. The female is the only one who does all the growling and snarling during the fight, but she also cries when he bites her too hard. After a period of time, she runs away but the male goes after her and brings her back down, after which she cries again and the fighting ensues again. Im really worried by this behavior as it is completely opposite to what i thought would happen. WHENEVER i set her infront of my male, all of this happens. Theres alot of baring of teeth and growling by the female.

    Also, i observed that while the FEMALE was eating, the male went near her and she attacked him, after which he doesnt go near the food while she is eating but when the MALE is eating, the female goes in between and eats at her own will without any retaliation from the male.
    Im really afraid that the female would get hurt as she is half the size of the male. Ive never seen playfighting before, OR a real fight for that matter, but i dont think this is playfighting. Please help me.

    Thanks in advance

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    Sounds like at least one of them is playing. This is how puppies interact.

    Now, the idea of keeping 2 puppies so they are company for each other is not a good one at all. It's double the amount of time and attention to raise 2 puppies together because they need to be trained separately, exercised separately. If you are in college, I doubt you will have time for that. If you don't train, exercise and generally do things with them as individuals, you will have dogs who care far more about each other than you and you will have dogs who are unable to be separated. The smart thing to do here would be to find another home for/or return the female.
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    Sounds like you've got your hands full.
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    Most people do not recommend having two puppies so close in age because of the extraordinary amount of work on your part to ensure that they grow up as independent individuals. When two dogs bond so very closely to one another, seperating them, even for something as slight as a separate vet visit, boarding, or what ever can lead to lots of screaming, barking, stress, not eating and misery.

    That being said, I have two sets of siblings, Kodi and Hoss (8 year olds), and Journey and Flint (one year old). They are individuals, and function perfectly well without each other. I do however, LOVE their attachment to each other, and LOVE they way they play with each other and interact. Personally I would not change anything about the way I raise siblings together. Keep in kind however, that I am in the dog business. They are my life 24/7. They are my work. I do not take vacations. I can't imagine trying to do that while in college! I do understand your reasoning, but you are experiencing the exact reason WHY raising two same aged pups is so hard.

    What you are describing sounds 100% normal puppy behavior. It can sound horrible, they will fight, they will play. You will need to supervise, separate when necessary, and give them individual attention. can you spend one hour a day with each pup? (So, two hours out of your day each and every day)? that is a lot of time, but next to nothing for the pup. Puppies need more individual time than that. If they do not get that from you, they can turn into little hellions that will can cause all sorts of grief!

    You can make your situation work. Right now, you are experiencing perfectly normal puppy behavior times two (or more)! Good luck with your pups!

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    My male Ernie lets the females eat his food. He will stand back if they come over to it. I first thought it was just Gemma as she was Queen Bee. When I rescued Tess she gobbled her food then went to eat his food because she is a pig. Any more laid back she would be in a comma so it isn't aggression.

    He is a slow eater so I put her in another room or stand there and make sure she hears the command leave.

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