Training my dog for dock jumping?
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Thread: Training my dog for dock jumping?

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    DefaultTraining my dog for dock jumping?

    I have a 1 1/2 yr old lab. Training her tricks and obedience is going great! We want to teach her how to run after a toy off of a dock. Last summer we tried it a bit but she was a little scared to jump in. Instead she walked in and swam out to the toy, so for that reason I don't think she has a fear of water. What would be the most effective way to teach her to jump into the water? My father suggested just throwing her in but I don't agree with that idea, I think it will make her scared and it seems like a very dangerous idea.

    We live in Canada so we have about 4 months to work with her. Thanks for your help!

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    throwing her in is a good way to make sure she NEVER EVER jumps off a dock and maybe even gets in teh water again.

    Ideally if you know a dog that does jump to "show" her that can work. Otherwise have her on the dock and you in teh water and encourage her in, just a small jump. make sure it is safe. Or throw the water in and sit on the dock next to her and encourage her. Make sure ot make the toy high value and get her really exited for it.
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