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    DefaultNeed some training advice

    Bubba is a yellow lab he will turn two years next month. He is very smart and mostly behaves , but when I throw the ball for him to get when he brings it back to me he is dropping it and picking it back up many times like he really doesnt want to give it up hes almost in a frantic state. I would like to work with training him to first wait till the ball drops so he actually knows where it landed and then to go get it and calmly drop it for me to pick up and throw again. We do this game at least twice a day it seems to help with his energy level. I am hoping someone can help me with this and guide me in the right direction. I would love to take him to obidence training but fianically I cant afford this right now and we seem to be doing okay on our own. He is crate trained, well behaved walks on a leash great, will sit, shake hands , stay until released does good except for this one little issue which I am sure can be fixed. thank you

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    Our yellow lab didmthemsame thing with her ball til the day she died....she was obsessed with her ball! Once in awhile she'd drop it for me but not often. I never broke her of it but I also didn't try that hard either. I'm sure with consistency it can be done...sorry I'm not a big help!
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    Have you tried rewarding him for returning the ball to your hand?

    You can put him on a long lead and reel him back in once he has the ball in his mouth and then treat him.

    Or - you can work on doing trades for the ball. He brings the ball to your hand, he gets another toy or high value item.

    Or - you can have multiple balls and lure him back to you by showing a new ball in your hand.
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