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    I am fostering-to-adopt a three month old puppy who is a lab cross (probably with huskie). He was a stray, so who knows what his background holds. He's quite smart and has already picked up on house-training after only a few days with my husband and I, which is great.

    I would LOVE to enroll him in puppy school but unfortunately there are no classes where I live (nothern Manitoba), so I've been trying to train him myself. I've been using a positive training book which endorses clicker-and-treat method. My problem is, I feel like I'm feeding him ALL THE TIME. And that now he sees me and expects treats. When he doesn't get them for everything, he seems to be provoking me - jumping on the counter so that I "reinforce" the Off, running to the laundry room (where he's not allowed) so he can answer the "come" command and get a treat. And, when I resist and ignore him, he jumps on me quite aggressively (or maybe that's him trying to provoke me to play).

    I'm attempting to get some play-mates for him (my husband and I only moved to this community just over a week ago - yes, we move quickly...) because I know he needs more doggy time but how should I train him? I'm thinking now I should just throw out the clicker and go by instinct and more praise and less treats... The whole situation is stressful both for him and me.

    Advice, support, greatly appreciated!

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    I don't treat for each behavior after we have initially established a pattern. I reduce and just praise. The treating becomes more random. The point of using the clicker is to have the dog equate the click with the treat and eventually you can totally eliminate the treat (or greatly reduce it).
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    Clicker training is great, I have done it. The problem is that there is no guidance on how to wean off the treats. It's actually a pretty big problem.

    Treats should never be used to lure a dog (beyond maybe once or twice when showing them what you want) and should be OUT OF SITE. In a pocket, on a shelf, in a treat pouch. You treat each time during the first session or two. Once they "get it" you need to start giving them sporadically (in a way that is unexpected, so not every two or every three times).

    When you start a training session, give them a treat so they know they are working. (very small piece). then put them away so they cannot be seen.

    If obedience classes are not a possibility, I highly recommend doing LOTS of reading, various books. The more you read the book tricks you have in your bag to approach training. Read different theories and philosphy's not just one.

    In this thread I recommended some books I like (and in the books there are actual training tips)
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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