Need advice! First time lab owner!
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Thread: Need advice! First time lab owner!

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    DefaultNeed advice! First time lab owner!

    Hi! We brought home our puppy two weeks ago. She will be 8 weeks on Sunday. I have been lucky enough to have my husband work from home the majority of this time. However, he has to work out of town some times. I have a full time job, but am able to come home and check in her during my lunch break. Today was the first full day she has been left at home at alone. Not completely alone since we have 2 other dogs. As of now, she sleeps in her crate at night and while we run short errands. This morning i put her in her crate before leaving for work after breakfast, potty breaks, and playtime. When I came home at lunch she had been "freed"! I assume one of the other dogs let her out. I found her screaming at the top of the stair case. Poor baby! I feel horrible! I know this is my fault. So after calming her down and feeding her, I decided to put her in a confined space with a baby gate and puppy pads so she would have room to play. When i returned home, she was very upset! I know she is too young to hold her bladder for the amount of time I am gone. I would like some advice on which is better. A crate or a room! I don't want her to feel isolated since our other dogs have free roam of the house, but she is just too young.
    We will start puppy traing in March and once she has completed the coarse we will test her to have free range.

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    The crate. And she won't be ready for freedom when unsupervised in March. Too soon. That takes maturity - not just training. When she is free in a room she is much more likely to get in some kind of trouble - chewing wood trim or furniture or electrical cords or whatever is in there. Teaching a puppy to pee on pads will slow down your efforts to house break her. If she is crated, she will be much less likely to pee where she sleeps. Now - she is on the young side to go 4 hours without a break so some accidents may be inevitable.

    If you think the other dogs are letting her out, close the crate with a caribiner or some sort of locking device. You might even consider putting her crate in a room they can't get to. Nobody is going to be psychologically wounded by that!
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    I agree to consider putting the crate in an area the other dogs can't get to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dallas12 View Post

    I agree to consider putting the crate in an area the other dogs can't get to.
    I personally think that the presence of the other dogs would be calming and providing that they cannot open the crate I would be inclined to make sure that they were in the same room.

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    Even after puppy training, your pup will still be too young for free range in the house. I have dogs 2 years and up and they are still crated when I am at work. Would you leave a toddler unattended in your house when you go off to work? Nope. The only benefit with a DOG is that you can crate them.

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