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    DefaultLabs: Skin Issues?

    Does anyone have labs that have skin issues? I have a 6 month old and from day 1 she has scratched and licked herself around her thigh area. When she was a young puppy, our vet diagnosed it as "puppy acne." There was a medical term, but I don't remember what is was. She has little red bumps and will lick herself all night if we let her.

    She gets bi-weekly baths at our groomer and is washed in sensitive shampoo. Also, it's not fleas as she is on Trifexis and is checked by our groomer and when she goes to doggie daycare.

    Just wanted to know if it is a common thing for labs to have sensitive skin.

    Thanks for any comments.

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    Personally, I would reconsider the bi-weekly baths. it strips the coat from the protective oils. Unless she has a health issue that requires medicated shampoo (which doesn't sound like this is the case). My indoor dogs get maybe 1 bath a year if that.

    Labs generally are not a breed that is plagued with allergies but they are a dog and it can happen.
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    I know I mentioned this on another thread already but check the food.....corn allergies are very common. most are discovered by our staff at work as an owner complaining of a severe flea problem...digging, chewing to the point of baldness, red itchy or flakey skin, even rashes....and yet not a flea to be found. simply switching to a corn free diet cleared it right up....check your food. 90% of the contents of the kibble are the first 5 ingredients...with the first listed being the majority of what the kibble is made of. Dogs cannot digest corn, why its is the base for so many kibbles is beyond me...even the "premium" foods like beniful and purina and iams (dont get me started on them please) are almost all corn.

    cut the baths way back...she needs those protective oils and more baths will only irritate her skin further. switch to a corn free kibble...many already have omega 3's in them

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    too many baths could be the problem. Food could be the problem. Environmental allergies could be the problem. can you call the breeder and find out if the pup was this itchy there??

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