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    I have a 6 month old lab (Scooter), we are making breakthroughs with his housetraining, and the last 3 days have been great. 2 accidents in 3 days. But this last accident was funny, we were about to go out so Scooter can do his business, but i had to quickly do my business. So as he's staring at me doing my business he figures he'd do his right next to me. I go through my "bad dog" routine, which i do think he understand and i know he's very good with "no". But i went ahead and walked him. I began feeling i just rewarded him for having his accident. But he did eventually do what he needed on his walk. Not sure if i did the right think or not. But being has he did what he needed onthe walk, i feel good about it. What other suggestions to people suggest and punishment? I read to not do the "bad dog" routine while putting his nose towards the accident. And this is definately a no hitting household. But what other way does a dog deem as punishment?


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    accidents are HUMAN error. If you wish to punish/ scold someone, do it to yourself for not reading the dog properly and not getting him out fast enough. Scolding a dog for peeing or pooping will only make them not want to poop or pee when you are around which can lead to more problems than anything else. (and I get you are not hitting him or anything but still).

    reward when he goes outside, praise. train him to go on command. get your brain in to puppy mode and get him outside more often. clean accidents with an odour neutralizing product like nature's miracle or vinegar (household products do not work). Learn his signals so you can get him out before he goes.

    Punishment is not a great training tool. you get farther with positive training and rewarding and being one step ahead of the dog.
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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