Puppy held his potty from outside to inside
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Thread: Puppy held his potty from outside to inside

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    DefaultPuppy held his potty from outside to inside

    I posted a week ago as well. But now i have a differente question.
    So it was my 4 month old Lab's first time out at 8:00 AM. I took him out and he was very excited. The weather was pretty cold so I didn't want to keep him out for too long, especially that it was the first time. We were out for 15 minutes and alltogether he had a good 10 minutes sniffing and the opportunity to potty. But he didn't. Right when we got home, probably a minute later without even sniffing he did both of his businesses. How can i encourage him to potty when we are outside? Or it was just the excitment that made him forget and it will go away when we start going outl regularly?
    Thank you

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    You said it was his first time outside? I am confused. Where was he pottying before? If you have been using puppy pads and he has been going inside, it it confusing to a puppy that is used to going in the house to start going outside. You need to spray the floor with an enzyme odor remover and get rid of puppy pads or newspaper. Take your pup outside a few minutes after meals, upon waking up or vigerous play. When he starts to go in the house, grab him up, say "aaaack!" and run him outside. When he goes outside, praise him like crazy! 10 minutes might not be long enough to get him to go at first. Once you start taking him outside to go, make sure he knows going inside is not what is desired. Don't rub his nose in it, just grab him up like I said. Good luck.

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    He had his little bathroom in the apartment. I cleaned everything. He started peeing in the house, i stoped him and went outside for the second time today, and he finished it there. We walked for 5 minutes and came back, but he did it again inside. Im guessing he didnt fully finish it outside. I think this will go away over time. I have an other question. After he wakes up in the morning should i feed him then take him out or the other way around?

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    he is confused. he still thinks the potty spot is in the house as he has been using it for what, two months? it's an ingrained habit. You need to spend more time outside and if you absolutely MUST go back inside before the dog pees, crate him ot keep him on leash with you so he cannot have an accident then go back out in 5 minutes.

    It is going to take a while to change a habit.
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