10 week old Fox Red - Best way to encourage "soft mouthing"
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Thread: 10 week old Fox Red - Best way to encourage "soft mouthing"

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    Default10 week old Fox Red - Best way to encourage "soft mouthing"

    I'm looking for the best way to encourage Ryder who is at 10 weeks, doing very well with everything else (potty-training, sleeping in crate, etc.) except biting. He doesn't seem to grasp the concept that he can't go for my hands/fingers/arms/legs/feet. I say "NO!" every time, in whatever tone I can use, even I go my loudest but it doesn't phase him. BUT if he hears my boyfriend say "NO!" he will stop. Is it because his voice is deeper and more 'force' into it enough that he knows he isn't supposed to do that? I would like to be able to say that to Ryder and he would 'understand'.. is there a way? I've owned different type of dogs, so this is my first Labrador. I've been also saying "Kiss!" every time he licks my face or hand. I will praise, "GOOD BOY!".. I have tried "holding his bottom jaw, holding down where he can't 'bite', I've pinched his cheek, he will yelp/whine, but he will continue, he's quite persistent. I've walked away and left him alone, he will stop, find something else to play with, or sleep. He will either sleep on kitchen floor or go in crate by himself. Also, if I have a toy with me, if he 'bites' my hand, etc. I will say "NO!" and put a toy in his mouth and he will take it and I will say "GOOD TOY!" in a happy tone. Any advice, let me know. I'm willing to hear it out and try something different if you think I need to do so. I do understand that he is still a baby but he is growing up so fast and I feel like I need to start getting this figured out now before he hits 12-16 weeks.
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    It took a while for Smokey to get the "no bite" we said 'no bite" every time and gave him something he could chew on. We had a few ripped clothes and a little blood shed, but he got it and yours will too. Consistency is the key. Everyone must respond to the biting the same way EVERY time. Whatever method you choose you must use it every time for him to get the message cearly.
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    It just takes time ! Keep redirecting the biting and yelp to let him know that it hurts and eventually he will get it !

    Only thing that isn't helping is pinching him back as you are then encouraging him to play.

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    Using NO as a command is too generic. Use specific commands for behavior you expect. We used "Don't Bite". Mouthing is such a natural puppy thing to do, that we found it difficult to break. First, don't let him chew even gently on you. No chewing at all. Puppies have no idea how sharp their little teeth are. You need to stop the biting all together. We put a hand around Sophie's muzzle and in a stern voice said, "Don't Bite!" We all did it, even my sons' friends. Even then, it took about a month. It was like one day the light bulb went off and Sophie figured out what all the fuss was about. At 3 months she stopped using us as a chew toy. Thank goodness! My hands and arms looked like swiss cheese! Good luck!

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