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    DefaultHelp a new puppy owner

    I just got a new puppy a few days ago and am having some issues that I wanted some advice on.

    I got the puppy at 8 weeks old. I work during the day so I am crating him while I am away and at night time. I play with him before I leave for work and after I come home. A dog service also comes by in the middle of the day and plays with him and lets him out. I live in a small townhouse and right now he is only allowed downstairs when I am home.


    1. I understand that he needs exercise to be calm and be able to train him. I try to take him for a walk but he does not want to and sits down. I do not have a yard and since it gets dark early it is hard to take him to a park. What are some good play ideas that will help his exercise?

    2. I am having some issues potty training the little guy. He poops outside but has alot of peeing accidents inside. I take him out after he wakes up, eats and drinks water. I also take him out when I see him sniffing. All the spots where he pees in the house are treated with odor eliminating clearner. I bought training pads. but he chews on them. Any ideas or tips?

    3. Should I buy a play pen for him to play in while I am home? I was thinking of setting it up in my dining area. This way he can play, eat and if he has an accident it would all be in one area.

    Any other advice would be appreciated.

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    congrats on the new pup

    1 - he is too young for real walks. he is also at risk to catching a bug outside until he has had all his shots so while I do not encrouage hibernating the puppy indoors for 4-6 weeks, you do need to be very careful where you bring him in public. no dog parks, no places highly frequented by dogs, no pet stores. Walks should be five minutes per month of age so...10 minutes at a slow pace.
    Exercise shoudl be free play off leash. So running around the yard, playing with other dogs, throw stuff.

    2 - accidents are human error. he has NO IDEA what you want yet. nor does he have actual bladder control. your job is to take him outside very often (can be as much as every 20-30 minutes when he is playing. REWARD big time (a party, go overboard) when he goes outside. When he is indoors and not in teh crate you need to watch him closely. ditch the pee pads.
    be patient, this takes time.

    3 -You could. I would opt for baby gates or tethering him to you. But if you do opt to use a play pen, it is not a place you should allow him to potty if you are home. This will greatly delay house training. YOUR JOB is to supervise and get him outside. If you cannot superivse, he should be in the crate.

    Sign up for puppy classes. it is a safe place to socialise a dog that young and have him play with other dogs his age. Plus they give you tips on training.
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    Yeah, they dont get trained overnite !
    It takes weeks maybe even months depending on the dog.
    He is just a baby, cant hold it for very long yet. Give him time.
    Everything else that was already said is good advice !
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