6 month lab puppy persistently biting in the evening
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Thread: 6 month lab puppy persistently biting in the evening

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    Exclamation6 month lab puppy persistently biting in the evening

    Hi - We have had a red fox working lab since he was 8 weeks old and started training immediately, he has been exceptional from an early age with toilet training and also
    basic commands. He has always been mouthy and we took him to puppy training classes where he was very good, but at home he is not very obedient at all. In desperation we had a 1 2 1 (3 hours) with a trainer from the training school, who said he was a dominant and naughty boy and recommended castration which he had at just over 6 months (2 weeks ago). Since then he has humped his bed more then ever and been biting more, we cannot sit down in the evening without a constant madness and biting, and so he is often put on the lead at home for control. If you tell him no or use Ah, Ah as training advised he goes absolutely crazy running the full length of the lounge jumping all over the furniture, it is getting so stressful that we are wondering whether to rehome him, which we don't want to do. We have had a lab before from a puppy who we had no issues with whatsoever after basic training, but 'Albert' is causing so much stress, we cannot have anybody visit unless he is on the leash as he jumps up repeatedly and starts biting at clothing and certainly we cannot take him to visit anyone as he is not to be trusted. We love him dearly have used all the methods that have been taught to us. He walks ok on the lead now (has 2/3 walks a day and at the weekend we take him to a country park where he is off leash and loves to play with a ball, his recall off leash is good). Anybody help or give pointers, rehoming is not something we want to do but he creates so much havoc in the house. He is crate trained and sleeps very well at night, he is hardly ever left alone as I am at home all day and my hubby is often around also. PLEASE HELP we love our puppy but the stress is so bad with his behaviour that we cannot go on like this.

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    first - find a new trainer the one you are working with doesn't have a clue.

    how much and what type of exercise and mental stimulation does he get each day?
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    Have you tried squirting him with a water pistol when he's being defiant? Do you use a very aggressive voice when you want him to stop? If Bilbo starts going a bit mental and defiant, a v. Aggressive sounding and sharp "sit!" will calm him down more, but then he is pretty obedient most of the time, except when he gets a little over excited.

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