Puppy biting us and older doggy :(
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Thread: Puppy biting us and older doggy :(

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    QuestionPuppy biting us and older doggy :(

    Nala will be 9 weeks on Saturday. She has been home for 2 weeks. She is a sweet little girl but is using our family as her personal chew toy. We all can detour her with toys and that is what we will continue to do until she gets out of this phase. I will also try some of the other things posted previously to get her to stop....I am curious if the peanut butter on the arm will really get her to stop.
    But I am concerned about her biting our older 8 year old male lab. He has let her know what he thinks about it a time or two but if she is awake or even if she isnt wake but she realizes he is up she is tormenting him She chases him down and bites on the back of his legs. Will they work this out over time? How do we get her to stop? Poor Mo!! She doesn't act agressive or mean....just like she thinks she is suppose to be playing with him like that. He missed that memo and just wants this little black creature to go away!
    We had hoped that she would have all this biting stuff out of her system by getting her at 7 weeks but no such luck. Its a guideline.....I get it. Just want her to be sweet all the time<3 Any thoughts?

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    Hi, and I am glad you joined our forum. Teaching a puppy not to bite takes patience. It seems that they are just naturally born to chew! You did get her a little early. The rule of thumb is at least 8 weeks. I know that it doesn't seem like a week would make a difference, but in the short life of a puppy, it sure can. Puppies that go to their new homes early tend to be more mouthy than the ones left longer. What we did was put a hand around our Sophie's muzzle and command "Don't bite!" every time she chewed on us. EVERY time! So you have to be on your toes to catch her everytime she does it. Even then, it took about a month. I was so thankful when she finally got what all the fuss was about! This was a puppy that learned commands so easily! Sit, Down, drop it, speak, she learned within a day or so. Biting...took way longer. As far as Nala tormenting your older dog....remember, he has seniority and it was his home first. You need to make sure he gets some peaceful time away from her. You might have to put Nala in an Xpen or something to separate them some of the time. You will need to give her the don't bite command with the older dog as well, which is hard, since labbies love to play bitey-face....Our Sophie used to nip the backs of the legs of my sons boxer hard enough to make her yelp. We had to keep correcting the behavior everytime she did it. Good luck, let us know if we can help further....

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