9 week old lab boxer mix reacting after vaccines?
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Thread: 9 week old lab boxer mix reacting after vaccines?

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    Default9 week old lab boxer mix reacting after vaccines?

    Hey guys,
    I am new to the forum and wanted to get some opinions. I apologize in advance for the length of this post, but I wanted to make sure I was clear about what my puppy is experiencing.

    We got a 9 week old lab boxer mix pup about 4 days ago, Harley. Her owner couldn't keep her, and gave her to us. The owner said she had gotten her first round of shots and had been dewormed a few times. However, when we inquired about paperwork she "couldn't find it" which made me very doubtful. She did warn us not to get her shots again for at least 2 weeks because it could make her sick. We took Harley to the vet this morning for an exam and misc. things. The vet agreed that there was no way to know for sure if she had already gotten her fist band of shots, but assured me that she would NOT get sick if we started clean slate with her first shots. So this morning she got DHLP as well as a flea/tick topical treatment as we found 2 ticks in between her toes. The vet took a stool sample and said she did not see anything out of the ordinary but would check again in about 3 weeks when we returned. The vet warned that Harley would probably be very tired for a day or two and that would be normal. She said to keep an eye out for diarrhea, vomiting, and hives. Well when we got home Harley passes right out on the couch with her blanky and slept for about an hour. She woke up whining and i noticed that she was shivering quite severely. I brought her back to the vet (right down the street) and they said her temp was normal and that sometimes puppies will shake while they are sleeping, and said again to just watch for hives.

    About 2-3 hours later Harley awoke again whining very badly. I picked her up off the couch and put her on the ground. She immediately went over to her food dish, licked up a mouthful and had some water. She took a few steps and then had some diarrhea, it wasn't completely water, it was pretty solid but definitely way more watery than normal. She stayed in position to keep pooping for about 3-4 minutes with nothing coming out. She then just sat right down and whimpered. After a few minutes while I was cleaning up the mess, she walked right into our bedroom up to her crate (which she usually HATES) and could barely make it into the crate without tripping. She walked to the back corner and sat down awkwardly (she can't put pressure on her side where the injections were). I called the vet, which at this point is closed (its Saturday), she said it was ok and to give her 24 hours to recoup, and again told me to watch for hives.
    I got her out of the crate and layed her back down on the couch where she has been sleeping and breathing heavily for about an hour now.

    Honestly, I know I am extremely paranoid, especially because we have had her for 4 days and she is our fist puppy. But she is drooling a little bit, breathing really heavy, and her legs are shaking on and off. I have a bowl of water here and the last time she tried to drink she barely lifted her head and almost choked on the water before giving up and laying back down. No diarrhea since, but I want to make sure she is staying hydrated.
    Am i being paranoid, or does this constitute an e-vet visit? Are these normal side effects? I have read both sides everywhere online and I am so torn. The only thing I can do is sit here next to her and cry for her, I feel so helpless I just want her to feel better.

    Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Sorry this was so long!!!

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    I would not be heading the e-vet yet. The diarrhea could be from stress. The sleepiness as well. What you are describing about drooling and legs shaking in her sleep is normal for any dog at any age. If the diarrhea continues beyond tomorrow morning, if she is extremely lethargic, or if there is blood in her diarrhea, I woud get her to the vet again.

    On her food, are you letting her free feed? You shoud have specific feeding times, 3x a day. With free feeding it's hard to really monitor the quantity of food she's eating. Leave te food down fr 5 minutes then lift it if she doesn't eat it all.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    Our puppy had this too. He had his first set of injections and he was fine during the day. Me and my partner went out for a few hours and when we came back he had been sick several times, diorreah like you wouldn't believe, he wouldn't drink or eat. He could barely stand, shaking and crying. We took him straight to the vets and apparently it is very common for labs to react. The vet gave him a steroid injection and a anti-sickness injection. 3am he brought me and my partner every toy in his box! He was back to normal that day. He had his second injections 2 weeks ago and was absolutely fine! Hope this helps x

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