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    Hi all,
    This is the first thread I have started in this forum, so hopefully I do this correctly. I have a Lab mix pup (he's mixed with Walker Hound) named Ben who is 7 months old. He is an incredibly smart dog, but has no clue how big he is, nor does he know when enough is enough. So I am in desperate need of help!! I have never had a dog that I couldn't tell felt bad when they were in trouble.. With my last lab, if she did something bad and I scolded her, shed hang her head and her ears would fall back.. Ben just looks at me with this crazy hyper ears pirked, tail wagging, "did someone say bacon" kinda look. Which is frustrating in itself. Again, he is smart - he learned sit, lay down, high 5, etc. in like 3 repetitions. he figured out in like 2 minutes that if he stands on the button at the dog park the water will come out of the faucet into the bowl. He picks up his water bowl and brings it to me when hes thirsty, but, he just doesn't get it when he is in trouble. He's totally dense when it comes to knowing when to stop. Like - he knows if he steals the kids pencils they'll chase him around the room to get their pencils back. he wants to play so he gets their stuff. when they don't chase him, he is like aww man, and in 3 seconds he'll drop whatever it is. Downside, he carries this into other avenues and we have an official "game of chase" problem with him. Another problem is, he is so playful/hyper etc., that he doesn't know when to stop and when I get angry with him for jumping on people/kids, he doesnt get it. He bit my 10 year old on the arm when he was playing football in the yard... and he wanted to get the ball..well, this is obviously unacceptable so, i made him go inside. well, hes scratching at/ jumping on/ whining at the door for the next 20 minutes and i get up and tell him to quit- and he sees me and immediately runs from the door bc he knows hes wrong... and will run away from me for like ever but as soon as i sit back down he will go right back to it. Its constant - I mean constant... i don't know what else to do about it. I take him to the park so he can burn off his energy.. and he comes home and sleeps for an hour or 2 and goes right back to 100% crazy. its either 100% or nap until we're back at 100%. He also doesn't respect boundaries well. I assume this will come with age, but he has no problem stealing the kids food from their plate, going into their room and stealing whatever he wants, jumping on the couch- where you are already sitting.
    He has almost always got someone with him, and almost never gets put in a crate. I try to take him to the dog park once a week or so, so he can play and burn off his energy. I got a runner for our back yard so he could run around a little/play fetch etc., which works pretty well BUT when he isn't ready to come in and i have to go in, he tears big huge holes in my otherwise nicely landscaped yard ... anyone have any suggestions?

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    Have you tried a water squirter? It doesn't hurt them, but it can emphasise your "NO!". Another method I've heard of is having small stones in a can, and shaking it once when you would normally shout "NO!" some dogs don't like this at all.

    My dog has a similar problem in that he will not listen when we try to get him to come back when he has litter in his mouth. We've stopped chasing him when he's got litter, he knows the command "drop it!" but still runs around like a loon when he's found someone's empty beer can or a sweet wrapper, but seems to ignore dry leaves... he must know what's naughty, haha!

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