hard fence/invisible fence combination???????????
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Thread: hard fence/invisible fence combination???????????

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    Defaulthard fence/invisible fence combination???????????

    Hi there my lab people.

    We have a good backyard for our monster to play and we have decided to fence it so he can be free to run around as he pleases. However, since our house yard in on a pond conservation area the HOA does not allow fences taller than four feet. I have read a lot that if a Labrador has a reason to jump a 4-foot fence he will; I am not willing to lose my dog or waste my money but I need to do something. So, I thought of combining a 4-foot aluminum fence (the only one allow in lots like mine) combined with an invisible fence so there is a double barrier for him to "respect" does anybody have experience, heard or read about this idea? Thank you so much in advance.


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    I would just to the electric fence, no need for a 4 foot ugly fence. We actually wen with a DogWatch product from C-NO pet fence. I think it offers features that blow away the competition.
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