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    DefaultGetting Attention Back on Walks

    Poppy is now just over 10 Months and when we go for walks she is very good off the lead, I have a whistle and she will come back every time when she gets praise and the occasional treat.

    The trouble is if she sees another dog, then she will just ignore me completely and go and play... I don't mind 90% of the time her playing but some dog owners aren't happy about it and I would like to be able to call her back. For example the other day she went to play with another older black lab and the owner started making sarcastic comments about her not being trained (I told him his dog might not be overweight if he let it play with other dogs now and again )

    She is getting better - she used to play and play without coming back, now she will come back after a few minutes playing if I call her. I appreciate she is still young and I don't mind her playing, I know its good for puppies but I just need the reassurance that she will come back when told. When she does eventually come back then I don't tell her off because by that point she has done the right thing?

    Is this something she is likely to grow out of or do I need to do something different? I'm very happy with other aspects of her training, she just loses concentration when she sees another dog.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Play recall games with her while another dog is present and both dogs leashed. This would require having more then one person. Here's how we've done it with past dogs.

    1 person holds the other dog, starting off a pretty far distance away. (You gradually have them come closer as the dog progresses)

    Put your dog on a 20-30 foot lead and have another friend stand across from you. (Not to close)

    Have your friend call the dog to them, if she comes while in the presence of the other dog, they can give her a small treat and praise, then they hold the dog and you call her back.

    Mind you, this is something we normally do with pups but I'm pretty sure it could work with older dogs as well.

    As for your rude remark to the owner of that other lab, I think you're in the wrong there. Your dog (Who they don't know) ran up to them while they were trying to walk theirs. I don't care if their dog is overweight or not you had no right to make such nasty remarks when you obviously had no control over your dog. I suggest keeping her on a leash until you have a 100% solid recall and yes, this includes with another dog present!

    I would have been upset to had a strange dog ran up to me and my pups. Not only would I not know if your dog is friendly but you would have no idea if my dog was. I've owned dog aggressive dogs before and I can tell you from experience that loose running dogs CAN be a problem.
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    Thanks for the reply, I do have some friends with dogs to 'borrow' so I'll have to try it. Like I say, she seems to be slowly improving anyway, but just needs to get a bit more used to distractions. When we go out for walks with my friends' dogs she is the same for 5 mins then responds again after she is used to them being around.

    Granted that I probably was a bit rude, but my point was exactly that he doesn't know my dog, she doesn't 'bound over' out of control but approaches cautiously until she's sure and for some reason crouches like a collie herding sheep every so often - it just annoys me when people make out that their dogs have been perfect from day one! This is her only real weakness in her training and I'm trying to correct it, I actually think she is very well trained for her age and you have to give a certain amount of freedom to 'test' if they are getting better.

    Just my opinion but if you don't want your dog to be approached by others then don't take it to a very popular dog walking spot down by the river!

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    Same problem here... Bilbo *does* bound up to other dogs, which isn't great at all... if they are a decent distance away, he will recall happily and we can get the lead on him. I love him playing with other puppies and it does make me sad to see some dogs on leads where they should easily be let off (I understand some dogs have 'issues'), especially when you can tell from their body language that they are just desparate to play

    He knows the sound of a rustling treat bag which seems to be the only thing to get him back, unless he is out of range.

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