How to Raise two Labrador Puppies
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Thread: How to Raise two Labrador Puppies

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    DefaultHow to Raise two Labrador Puppies


    I'm new to this forum and I really need some advise!

    We got two 8 week old Labrador puppies - two girls and siblings! They are now 17 weeks old and overall
    great puppies. I noticed however that there is a different dynamic when raising two puppies at the same time and started searching internet for some answers. The main problem is that it is difficult to train the puppies. They are constantly roughhousing and don't respond to commands very well.

    I finally did an internet search and was able to find various articles on this subject. According to the articles it was not a good idea to get two puppies - particularly siblings - at the same time for various reasons. One significant reason is that they don't bond as well with humans as when you have just one puppy and that the puppies could develop serious behavior problems. In some of the articles it was even suggested that it is the best to find another home for one of the puppies.

    Anyway, we have the two cute little Labrador puppies now. I'm not sure if we are really ready to give up one of them. They have different personalities but both are very healthy and friendly little guys. But of course we want to what is best for the puppies in the long term.

    According to various experts on internet, the puppies should be kept in separate crates, need to be walked, fed, trained, and socialized separately. Our puppies have been always together for the last four month. It was obviously a big mistake but we just didn't know any better.

    Today, we tried to separate both of them using two crates. One puppy stays with my husband on the second floor. The other one stays with me. We also walked them separately and trained them separately as recommended by the doggie experts. They had a little play time in the afternoon together! The change is not easy for both of them and in the moment they are pretty unhappy. I'm wondering now if this is really the right thing to do and if we are doing more harm than good!

    Is there anyone in the forum who has some experience with situation. I'm wondering now if we can still separate the puppies or could this only create more problems now.
    Did anyone raise two puppy siblings at the same time and they still turned out to be healthy and well mannered dogs? Any advise is appreciated!

    Thanks so much!

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    Hello Senta and welcome to the forum!

    I have two pups right now as well and yes, it can be more difficult then having one BUT it is not impossible, please don't give up hope and don't give up one of your pups.

    First things first:

    The pups should be crated (separately) when you are unable to watch them or at night when it's time to sleep but they do not have to be in separate rooms.

    Training should be done separately because the pups will pay more attention to each other then they will to you which ends in poor training. They should be fed and walked separately as well but I will say that you don't have to walk them separately forever. Just long enough to train them to pay attention to you and listen to commands while on walks. Once they are solid on what to do while on walks they can slowly start to be walked together but start SLOW.

    They don't need to be separated at all times but remember to give everyone equal attention and when it's time to settle down, then separate them. Puppies will play and play and play and get into mischief as well, just like a baby.

    I hope other members will chime in but this is based on my experiences.

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    I have raised siblings together twice. Hoss and Kodi, and now Journey and Flint. Yes, it is harderbthan raising one but not at all impossible. Both sets of siblings live together (all together in the house). I train them separate, they are crated separate (for those that are still crated), but otherwise they are all together. They are walked together. I think they have turned out pretty well, Hoss and Kodi have earned 20 or more obedience, hunt, conformation titles. Journey and flint are still in training. All have bonded well with me and are total lap dogs love attention.

    Hope this helps. Raising siblings is not for everyone, but it can be done!

    Karen and the gang
    BBI Kodi's Journey To Anotch (Journey)
    BBI Kodi's Blackpowder Striker (Flint)

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    I also have two pups. They aren't siblings, but they are 3 weeks apart, male and female.

    It is absolutely something you can do. Do crate them seperately. They will get used to it and it's good for them to each have their own space to retreat to. My two are now 9 months old. They are well behaved, listen to all of us in the family and are not bonded to each other more than us. In fact, they love to have one on one with us and this is something we do frequently. (Take one for a walk, one to the dog park etc.) We also did individual training, both classes and at home. AND, we also do training together. Other than the training, and time we spend with them individually, they spend a lot of time together. They are well adjusted, sweet, loving dogs. Both of them. I was also very afraid after reading all the things about getting two pups at once, better to rehome one etc. I can honestly say, I didn't have ONE single problem that was mentioned. They don't care if the other is gone. They don't have seperation anxiety when they aren't together. One has not taught the other "bad" habits. (Yet!)

    As for the crates...I have always had both of my crates next to each other. MAybe you could try that. If they can see each other and smell each other, that might help. And then try to take them each to do individual things so they get used to not being around the other. They will adjust. I have never fed mine seperately. They were just taught to "wait" until the other was finished eating and then they could lick the other bowl. I also am able to walk both of mine together with no problem. That did take some work but now, they walk brilliantly on leash both individually and as a pair. It's all about consistency and training.

    I do stay at home so I had a lot of time to spend with the dogs so I'm sure that made a difference. And, I will say, there were days at the beginning where it was A LOT of work and I never thought it would get better, but now, at 9 months, they are great. My ONLY issue with them is greeting people...they are jumpers, but even that is getting increasingly better.

    Just be consistent with training, do NILF (Nothing in life is free, do a search on here) and you and your pups will be fine!

    And, please post some pictures!!!
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    Cleo, our black beauty

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    Thank you all for your advice and encouragement - I really appreciate it!

    We are using now two separate crates and we walk, feed and train them separately. During the day our new arrangement works fairly well. They just love their quality time with us. But at night, one of the puppies still gets very upset and cries until she falls to sleep. The other puppy stays pretty calm.

    I would love to spend more quality time with them in the house but between walks, training, feeding and nap time there
    is not much time left just to socialize with each puppy in the house/living room. I'm a little concerned about that they have to spend to much time in the crate. I need to find a good schedule that would work well for all of us. My husband and I work from home so the puppies are never alone, but still - we have to work! Do you have any good advice on this?

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    Can you watch the pups enough to keep them out of trouble while you work? If so you could let them run around and play together while you work.

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