Puppy suddenly fearful?
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Thread: Puppy suddenly fearful?

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    DefaultPuppy suddenly fearful?

    We adopted Sassy on Saturday, and she has been a tad shy but warms up quickly to new situations and people. She was kept outside with her siblings on 5 acres and we live in a townhouse near a busy street, so it is a huge environmental change from her foster mom's house. But today, for the first time, she really freaked out when I took her out to potty. Nothing specific (that I could tell) set her off - she just tucked her tail and pulled to get back into the house. She has done this every time we have gone to potty now, which is often with a 3month old! I feel so bad that she is freaked out, and I want to make sure that I address the fear issue ASAP and in the best way possible.

    When she is inside she is fine, and is not scared of us, the cats or other dogs and people at her daycare. Just seems to be outside our house.

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    No idea what it could be. Maybe traffic noise?

    All you can do is make every time she goes outside a happy experience. Take lots of treats with you & praise her every time she's done her duty. Also take her favorite toy/s out there & turn it into playtime. If she's got any squeaky toys, they work the best. Good luck. It shouldn't take too long for her to come right.

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