Barking and Nipping! HELP!
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Thread: Barking and Nipping! HELP!

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    DefaultBarking and Nipping! HELP!

    I have a 7 month old Lab and she is a sweet dog and very smart. We have been doing alot of training with her and she is typically a well behaved dog. I am having a hard time with her barking and grabbing my clothes. It happens randomly. I can be sitting on the bark and she will come into the room and just bark at me and starts nipping me. I have tried saying no, redirecting her, crating her and distracting her by making her do a trick. I don't know what to do now. She seems to do it when she is super excited and wants to play but I don't want her to bark and grab my clothes. It makes me a little nervous. Any tips? Has anyone else gone through this?

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    I was just about to ask about this too. our 11 wk old puppy has just been a dream pup since we got her at 8wks but just this week she's started barking at us when she comes inside, its so loud and damn annoying!! She's not nipping yet but the barking is driving me mad. I don't remember my other Labby's doing that at this age. Are they barking to tell us something?

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    It sounds like she needs more exercise. People don't often realize the amount of exercise a lab needs. A couple walks a day and a game of fetch isn't enough. They need to run! It also sounds like she is trying to get your attention. She is trying to tell you something.

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    As others have already stated, labs have a big need for excersize and mental stimulation. You mentioned having her do a trick so that tells me you do spend some time playing games with her and that is great! She is 7 months old now. What it took to meet her exersize and mental stimulation needs a few months ago, probably isn't enough any more. You may need ot increase something. I realize you can't spend every waking minute playing with and exersing her, she may need some good bones to chew in between.

    Assuming all her needs are met, (she's been out to potty, fed, exersized, etc) if you start doing whatever it takes to make her stop barking, she will figure out that barking and nipping gets her what she wants. Then it will only get worse, not better. It is imperative that when the pup displays undesirable or bossy behavior like that, that they learn it only gets them farther away from what they want.

    I will give you an example.

    I do not want my dog barking at me. My puppy used to bark at me when I was preparing the food dishes for the 2 dogs. This could take awhile because I mix some supplements and things especially for my older dog and I want the older dog to get his dish first. Puppy barks are cute but I don't like having a dog bark at me. I also feed early in the morning and knew my husband would not appreciate being awakened every morning at feeding time. This impatient barking at feeding time had to stop. Here is what I did.

    I allowed some extra time to get the feeding done. I started preparing the food. I rewarded quiet puppy frequently. As soon as I heard a bark, the food dishes went in the sink and I went to go do something else. I only had to go do something else for a minute or two. Then I would resume food prep. Always frequently rewarding quiet puppy with a piece of kibble from his dish. Every bark, resulted in me stopping the process. It took less than a week for him to stop barking at me when I am preparing their meals. They are smart and they learn fast. He learned very quickly that staying quiet got him that food that he so desperately wanted more quickly. (he IS STARVING of course! LOL!)

    That is just an example. You don't want your dog to learn that barking and nipping at you gets them something they want.

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