My puppy is super excited around infants
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Thread: My puppy is super excited around infants

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    DefaultMy puppy is super excited around infants

    I have a 9 month old neice and Rocky is now 6 months old. I'm pretty sure she is terrified of him now as he licked her square in the face very abrubtly. Now anytim she sees him she is terrified and starts crying. Our older dog even tho we don't have kids yet.. he is fine with kids.

    Rocky I don't know what to do i've never had this problem. What can I do to get him to behave? He's been thru basic obeience knows down stays, sit stay, walking on a leash and all the basic stuff. I'm by myself at the moment So I have him blocked out of where I have her. Me and my husband are working on munchkins of our own but until then some advice on how to get him to calm down while around infants/kids would be awesome.

    Thank you so much.

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    He's a baby himself and what you describe is an enthusiastic, friendly puppy. He's not being bad at all. The responsibility is yours to control him around the baby while he is maturing. If that means you keep him on a leash to do so, thats what you need to do.

    Sometimes crating during the "arrival" portion of a visitor being at your house helps. You can let him back out after the excitement has died down a little.

    And I would work on a reliable sit/stay as well as training a reliable leave it command.
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