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    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to this forum. My fiancé and I are the proud owners of an 11 week old black lab named Lucy. We've had her since Sep 15/12. We absolutely adore her but can't get her to stop biting us. She bites our fingers, hands, arms, legs, clothes and toes. She bites HARD! I don't think she is being aggressive since her tail is wagging when she does it, but we need to break her of this habit since we have young nieces & nephews. We've tried redirecting her attention with toes, telling her no and holding her snout. Nothing works!!!!

    Can someone please help???


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    Theres a ton of info here about this behavior. For one its normal and will pass. Our 11 week old is the same, its getting better, but still an issue for us as well. What seems to be helping is crying out in pain ("OUCH" high pitch) and replacing our body parts for a toy then leaving her to play by herself (we go sit on the couch and stop playing). Our puppy doesn't bite down very hard, she has learned that much, but still mouths us a lot.
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    I know this can be challenging to deal with, when my Bella was that age to she was always biting hard to, she even broke my skin sometimes. As stated above those are good strategies to use, the OUCH works and give her Kong and Nylabone toys for Powerful Chewers, those work great! Their is a lot of information and strategies on the internet, that's what I did...just be patient with your girl, it's a stage and it won't last.

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    My arms and hands looked like swiss cheese when Sophie was little. We put a hand around her muzzle and commanded "Don't Bite!" every time she bit us. It still took about a month of staying with it before she figured out what all the fuss was about and stopped. A lot of it stops when they start losing teeth and start getting their big dog teeth.

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    When our Lucic bites at me I will tell him NO and he will listen, our problem is I have twins 9 yrs of age and a 7 yr old, he will bite at them non stop unless I am there to say NO...

    EDIT: for our kids I purchased gloves from home depot to help while correcting, seems to help our kids from backing away.
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