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    So I recently attended a SAR seminar and a well known K-9 trainer was there as well as a mess of GSD and Mals. He saw my little 10 month old Curly that I had taken with me. He said she was of good size, nice build, but lacked focus, obedience, and nerve and wouldn't make a good search dog.

    Curly had been out of the truck for about 10-15 minutes and was still on lead. This trainer had been playing with her getting her jazzed on a squeeky ball (which he didn't like, thought dogs should be using tug type toys), he threw the ball into the grass, she went after it, went to the ball, picked it up, but then left it to check some other smell. Not sure since she has been taught to check out all the different smells in an are if this is a loss of focus or not. Curly also wouldn't make eye contact with him for more than a couple of seconds.

    Curly is already finding people hidden in light brush and has been searching between 6-10 acres. Makes eye contact with me and the people in my SAR group. Now I do know that loud and unexpected noises will scare her. Had Curly at an "art" event when some renaissance knights started beating on each other and all Curly wanted to do was get away from there.

    My question is this....

    1. Is there any way to improve her focus if she actually is loosing focus?

    2. Any way I can "bold" her up to unexpected loud clashing noises?

    Curly is from proven hunting stock from the Kellogg Kennels and imported British field trial lines (Dargdaffin Dynamo lines). Thought I would bring my questions to a mess of Lab people. Also Curly has been through her first puppy obedience class without any problems.
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