I had my folks spending the night at my place tonight and they said when I left for work at 6:30am she jut whined and barked for a long time. They got out of bed and let her out. They left town and put her back in the crate.

When I got home from work we did our usual fetch then two mile walk. I had a soccer game to go to so I crated her but this time I left an app running on my iPad called sleep talk. Basically records when there is sound. I was gone for about two hours and when I played it back she whined and barked pretty much the whole time. The noise isn't an issue but it breaks my heart to hear her so miserable. Should I do anything? Any suggestions? I always leave her in the crate with her kong that has treats in it usually peanut butter and her nylabone. Would music help? She is crated when I am at work because she isn't trustworthy yet.