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    Hi All

    My choc lab loves nothing more than biting at my feet and hands when he gets a bit excitable. It doesnt really bother me because i know he is young and is only playing but i want to bring him up the right way so eventually would like him to stop. I have tried the 'time out' but he usually finds another way of amusing himself (usually chasing his tail) and doesnt notice ive gone. I have tried yelping but this seems so make him happier and therefore bites even more. A friend of mine who has a rotty suggested putting my hand over the top of his mouth and pushing his top 'lips' against his teeth/gums and giving a verbal command.

    I was just wondering what peoples views were on this please? has anyone tried it and does it work? Is it correction or punishment (i dont believe in punishing)

    Many thanks


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    Often just placing your hand on the muzzle and saying "no bite" works but you need to be consistent. NEVER let them slip and bite you or you will have to start all over again. I was also told the technique of pushing the lip against the teeth but found that just holding the muzzle and saying "no bite" worked after a while. It just takes time, consistency and patience.
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    We did the hand on the muzzle and Don't Bite command with Sophie. Puppy biting is such a normal part of being a puppy that it seems to take longer to break. It took about a month of using this technique before she stopped. It was like all of a sudden a light bulb went on and she figured out what all the fuss was about. We did it every time she bit us, didn't let her slide at all. My hands and arms were torn up like shredded beef! Also, once their big dog teeth come in, a lot of the biting urge stops.

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    I did the ignore thing and it worked better than anything else. I don't care for the pinch the puppy, see how he likes it approach, it seems to work for others.

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