Just checking in to say that Sammy is well and settled in, and training is moving right along! He is my first lab and amazes me everyday with how smart he is. Today was day 1 of puppy kindergarten and he wasn't shy at all. He was playing hard and VERY excited to be there. In fact, his excitement is hard to contain but it was only the first day. He knows sit, down, stay, leave it and shake, and seems to know easy when taking a treat from our hands. Potty training is good, most of the time he goes to the door; occasionally he lets loose on the floor but I take that as I should have been more proactive. He is a bit of a humper while playing I've noticed, any tips on that are appreciated. Also, anyone with experience teaching a 4 year old how to handle and act around dogs who has advice would be greatly appreciated!!

He is an amazing new part of our family and we can't be happier.